The kingdom of Allandaria

Allandaria persists. For 10,000 years “The Kingdom” (people often call it) it has existed in one form or another. It’s also called the crux of the world – not just because it seems like it has always been and will always be, but its location – the only land route bridging east and west makes it the crossroads of the world. As well, its stability has drawn the headquarters binding institutions of the world – the Heroes’ Guild, the Order of Mages, and the Merchants Union, to its capital Gao. People believe that the gods or fate are somehow responsible for its stability – Allandaria acting as some type of counterweight to the chaos that seems to be the only other constant in the world. But those that lead Allandaria know better – stability comes from sacrifice, hard work, and singular focus on maintaining “The Kingdom”. Once long ago it was three kingdoms – no one remembers the names, one Elven, one Dwarven, and one Human, now the three races rule a united country together.

Geography –

Allandaria sits near the center of the southern coast on the continent of Valna in the northern hemisphere of the world Relna. The western border is covered by the Great Wood of Kamerac which houses the city of Allanon. To the north the foothills and mountains of the Jaws of the World dominated by the great mountain called Hinge. Beneath the Hinge sits the great dwarven city of Iron Throne and its deep mines. The country is bisected by the river Tallenar which flows from the Jaws to the harbor of the capital city, Gao, on the Tranquil Sea. The Marish River creates the eastern border of Allandaria; on the far side are the plains of Namal. The main crossing of the Marish is the Union bridge in the city of Zea. The country is bisected east/west by the Allandarian Road which connects the cities Allanon and Zea. The Allandarian Road continues east to the city of World’s End on the eastern coast of Valna and to the west to the city of Ebor on the western coast of Valna.

The Charter –

At the heart of Allandarian society and government is a set of ideals called the Charter. These four ideals serve as the foundation for Allandarian law and newcomers soon learn that the easiest way to make enemies in Allandaria is to violate the Charter.

The Charter
  • Equality: No person shall be subject to harassment, persecution, discrimination, or violence based on their race, faith, or ideology
  • Liberty: No person shall be the property of another person or be forced to their service by debt, contract, or magical means
  • Justice: All people are equal under the law
  • Service: As the government serves the people the people to shall bear responsibility to the government
Government –

Allandaria is a tri-monarchy ruled by a human, elf, and dwarf. The human and dwarven rulers are hereditary while the elven leader is selected by their elders. They rule from the capital city – Gao a large cosmopolitan port city on the edge of the Tranquil Sea. The current Monarchs are the human – Queen Melindra the 11th, the dwarf – King Zelon Goldenears, and the elf – Elder Twelpen Heartsworn. The Monarchs are advised by a Prime Minister, current a half-elf named Odwin Felspar, who is elected by The Councils. The Councils is a legislative body comprised of two houses called the Honors and the Powers. The Honors is composed of the Allandarian nobility while the Powers is composed of the mayors of the major cities and the heads of the major organizations (Order of Mages, Heroes’ Guild, Merchants Union, and the Artificers’ company).

The Allandarian military has three branches – an army, navy, and air corps. The large standing army mostly charged with border security and handling large police operations in country such as Fey Wild incursions. The navy patrols the territorial waters and hunts pirates and smugglers. The air corps is a small force which utilizes Airships to patrol the skies providing intelligence for the army, navy, and police forces of the country. Internal security, outside of cities and towns, is maintained by the Allandarian Guard which patrols the roads and rivers. Cities and towns typically have police forces that enforce the laws and maintain the peace.

The people -

People of Allandaria tend to be cosmopolitan even in the rural areas and very tolerate of other people and cultures. Genuinely warm and open to new experiences they tend to be welcoming to strangers and new ideas. Allandarian hold the ideals of the Charter – Equality, Liberty, Justice, and Service, and they guide their everyday interactions and the course of their lives. Every race, creed, and profession can be found somewhere in Allandaria because of this few things shock or surprise the people of this land. Because of their friendliness and openness to new ideas and people characters from Allandaria receive a +5 mod to Diplomacy: Befriend. Due to their deeply held belief in the ideals of the charter characters from Allandaria receive a – 5 mod to Intimidate: cause fear.

The City of Goa – also called the City of Towers

Goa is the largest city in the entire world of Relna with a population will over one million it dwarfs the other cities of the world. Being the largest port on the continent and at the cross roads of east and west nearly everything a person could want can be found in Gao. As well near every race and culture is represented in the city. It is often called the City of Towers because of the numerous towers that fill its skyline the most prominent of these is the central tower of the capital fortress of Heartstone the second and most often used as a landmark is the Clock Tower in Founder’s square. The city has three walls. The outermost is called Strength and surrounds the entire city. The middle wall is called Resolve behind it is the old city. The innermost wall is called Hope behind it is the seat of government Heartstone as well as the government compound and the residences of the Monarchs. Goa also houses the headquarters of Order of Mages, Heroes’ Guild, Merchants Union, and the Artificers’ company each has a magnificent building that serves as central location for the surrounding district. Most major religions and innumerable small ones have temples in the city. There can also be found temples to long forgotten gods scatter throughout the city all of them well maintained despite the absence of any worshippers.

Other cities -
Unity or the City of Bridges
  • largest city on the River other than Gao
  • sits where the Allandaria Road crosses the Tallenar
  • Old city sits on a hill overlooking the river
  • City has spread to both sides of the river – called East and West Unity
  • Major river crossing is the Empire Bridge – huge and wide it’s a marvel in itself
  • Large eastern city on the border of Allandaria and Namal
  • Sits at the crossing of the Marish River by the Allandarian Road
Iron Throne
  • Largest city of the lands beneath the Hinge
  • Largest city in the Great Wood of Kamerac
  • Home of the Council of Elven elders
  • Gateway to the West

The kingdom of Allandaria

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