Quiz of Bahamutal, student of a chosen of Azureen, graduate of The Egg


Quiz is a striking individual, a female about 5’ 8” with purple skin and silver lines of energy etched into it. Instead of hair, she has crystalline silver spikes on her head. “Quiz” is the closest you get in common, a clipped and mispronounced version of her given Primordial name.

Most find her rather exotic.

She wears leather armor wreathed in energy which complements her own. At her right side is an imposing longsword in a simple scabbard. Incongruously, she doesn’t appear particularly strong, but those she spars with soon learn that she is a canny, intelligent fighter. The only adornment on her is a badge of a platinum dragon on a blue field bordered by gold. This she wears over her heart.


Sixteen years ago, she was one of the only survivors of a trade caravan savagely attacked by Narulian raiders. Before the Bahamutalan patrol which had been tracking the raiders arrived, most of the caravan was already dead or dying, including her parents. The patrol returned with the wounded into Bahamutal proper. Nobody was left who cared to take on the girl, and so Quiz found herself transported to Dragon’s Rest, where a cleric deciding her fate saw something. Was it guidance from Bahamut? Was he just following his heart and protecting the weak? Most who saw her did admit that there was something about Quiz, something striking.

Quiz found herself in a government boarding school, one of the best in Dragon’s Rest, run by a chosen of Azureen herself. As she grew, her talents became evident, and she did quite well at school, learning the martial arts, exceptional skills with swords, and talents that roamed into the arcane.

After her 18th her headmaster, at the behest of Azureen herself, sent Quiz to Goa. “The world needs people who care to make a difference,” she was told, “And you are uniquely positioned to understand both the need for order and the power of chaos.”

Quiz took a boat directly to Goa and headed straight to the Hero’s Guild, putting herself in their service.


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