The Cleansing

Bulwark is running. Mevra was down, everyone else scattered. Didn’t have any choice. Covered Kriv’s escape. Trying to catch up to Kriv. Bulwark is running. Kriv is running as fast as his clawed feet can carry him. He hears crashing in the woods behind him and this spurs him on to move faster. He comes to a clearing that is actually a cliff drop off into a stream below. Kriv moves back into the woods and tries to hide in the forest. Just as he gets hidden he sees Bulwark charging past. Kriv steps out and snaps a branch. This seems to just drive Bulwark to move faster. Kriv calls out to Bulwark and the construct halts in its tracks.

Bulwark and Kriv rest for a bit, wary of anything following behind, and begin to move East to try to make it back to the main road, and hopefully find the rest of the group. Glespo appears in their path. He immediately makes amends for fleeing the battle so early. “It’s all my fault, I just don’t understand how they found us. I must have revealed myself while I was scouting. I just don’t understand how.” Glespo leads Bulwark and Kriv to meet up with Quiz and GunGun. Everyone is fairly upset with Glespo, but he seems to be taking it hard on himself as well.

The decision is to head back to the camp site as soon as possible. Now that the heroes are regrouped, they should be able to handle whatever is left of the ambush force. Once they reach the clearing, it is empty except for the dead. The heroes retrieve Mevra’s body. But it’s missing it’s head. Glespo suddenly falls to the ground and appears to be in the thro’s of a bad dream. This is not the first time it’s happened apparently. Glespo eventually recovers and says he saw the ambushers bring the head of Mevra to the Commander and present it as a trophy. And that the Commander had ordered some of his men to head north and prepare horse’s for a withdrawal from the grove.

The heroes decide to ambush the guards. The group quickly heads north and finds the clearing. There are several horses tied down near a stream and no signs of anyone yet. They quickly find ambush positions with Kriv and Bulwark to one side, Glespo positioned near the horses, and Quiz and GunGun on the other side of the clearing. The guards eventually show up, and Bulwark waits until they are in position before charging out. Even with the surprise Bulwark quickly gets overwhelmed and taken out early, but the construct held just long enough for the rest of the group to clean up the guards. During the fight the horses broke loose, and thus afterward, Glespo went into the forest and rounded them up.

Using the horses, the group heads south towards the falls that overlook the grove clearing. Leaving the horses on the side of the river bank, the heroes ford across with GunGun doing an impressive leap to clear the river with one of the rope, leaving Bulwark to hold the other so that the others can use it to ford across. Once everyone was across, Bulwark walks across under the water fighting the current.

The heroes find an opening on the West side of the grove and run down the side to the south to get a clear line of sight on the cave opening. Expecting incoming fire, but strangely nothing happens. The heroes rest up for the coming battle, while keeping watch for possible attack. After resting, the heroes cautiously approach the cave entrance expecting ranged attacks that never materialize. At some point they see the Head of Mevra being throw out of the cave, and it sinks into the water below the waterfall. They creep up the rock face to the entrance. It’s rough going due to the moss covering the rocks.

Once under the waterfall, Bulwark takes lead and moves up the side of the tunnel. As soon as the Commander sees Bulwark, the enemy attacks. Bulwark moves up to the fore, and Glespo lays down a wall of thorns across the tunnel. This quickly hampers the enemy from converging on the heroes, and allows them to maneuver and take on the attacks as they come in. There are packs of flying attackers that come up and over the wall, while Bulwark takes on the Commander. The Commander smashes at Bulwark during the fight and vows to leave him dead. Bulwark uses everything at his disposal to stay up, be drops to the ground. Just as the Commander believes him down Bulwark manages to pick himself up and renews the attack. Quiz moves around corralling anything that comes over/thru the wall, while Kriv, Glespo, and GunGun take them down. Eventually the Commander is the only thing left, and decides to leave Bulwark alone and charges across the room at Quiz and Kriv. GunGun gets a chance to get in some Huge attacks. Bulwarks, not taking the time to heal up, decides to charge in, hitting the Commander and giving everyone a better chance to do more damage. The Commander turns around and smacks Bulwark enough to finally take the construct out of the fight for good.

GunGun and the rest are able to finish off the commander. Once Bulwark is recovered, he heads out to recover the Head of Mevra from the bottom of the falls pool. Glespo looks over the cauldron and can get a sense of the forest and everything in it. He gets a feeling that the grove wants him to stay, and if he does that he will become more attuned with the forest. He also gets a sense of the history of the Grove.

The group decides to head back toward town, carrying the remains of Mevra with them. It’s possible that they can find a means to revive their lost comrade.



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