The Bandit Camp

Our heroes rested outside the caves and assessed the situation. To rest up or to venture forth back into the tunnels before the raiders discover that their party is not coming back? They decide to reenter the tunnels and to the fight to the raider main camp before the raiders can discover that any problem exists.

Once the heroes neared the main camp, they stopped to discuss the strategy. The Heroes ordered themselves to appear like the returning raiding party. And then proceeded to advance forward into the camp.

Bulwark, clearly misunderstanding the concept, charged toward the camp as soon as it came into sight. The intent was to get as far as possible into the camp before attacking.

Bulwark was immediately set upon by two charging Minotaur’s and knocked down. Flanking rogues charged into the party from behind and couple more warriors engaged from the front. Three caster types stayed back and started to lay in some area effect spells.

Bulwark gets back up from the deck, and plants his feet. He immediately returns the favor of knocking one then the other Minotaur down and sets about holding his position.

One of the raider warriors decides to help take down the Construct that had entered their camp. Quiz quickly falls back to the party and helps keep the warriors and rogues from attacking Kriv and Mevra as much as possible. Glespo does his best dog impersonation and attacks the flanking rogues furiously, rending with claws and teeth.

Bulwark being the most visible and up front takes the brunt of the attack from the ranged casters, and the warriors and minotaur’s throwing in their lot as well. Bulwark is pounded quickly but seems to just get back up everytime they think they have him beat down. Mevra in the back of the group steps up each time to lay in the timely heal that lets Bulwark take the pounding.

With so much of their attention focused on Bulwark, the rest of the heroes are able to smash down the attacking rogues and warriors and break free to run wide around the pillars to engage the casters. They quickly fall to the combined attacks of Glespo and GunGun! Glespo throws down a concealing wall of thorns around Bulwark that completely envelopes the raiders as well. All that can be seen above the bushes is the Ancient Heroes Standard that Bulwark planted at some point as a form of Defiance to the raiders.

Soon the Heroes are able to help take down the raiders surrounding Bulwark. Bulwark steps clear of the carnage and raising the ancient standard gives out a triumphant yell that sounds like grinding gears as it echoes in the cavern.



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