Recap of the 12/4/09 game

The 4th day of the 12st month of the Season of Light

Headmaster Bastion, Chosen of Azureen:

As you know, we have been investigating a cave system which likely contains the main camp for some of the creatures which have been causing problems in the area. We have entered through a less-used entrance, and after a battle, both Glespo and Mevra picked up the trail. We move cautiously into a larger path, where Glespo sees minotaur and bugbear tracks. Perhaps also longtooth. Boots as well.

It appears this is the main way – and soon we hear footsteps from behind. We rapidly hide in two side passages, dim light is approaching. Perhaps bugbears?

It turns out to be 2 bugbears, 3 shifters, and 2 orcs. Battle is joined.

Glespo puts up a wall of thorns to impede their progress, and have them take some damage. As noted previously, the thorns are nasty things, lots of little barbs, which continue to tear and rend until they are ripped out.

Bulwark attracts a crowd, which he does well. For my part I am charged and knocked prone. However I am well prepared, my acrobat boots allow me to quickly return to battle, move, and attack quickly. The bugbear was not prepared for that!

Of note is that weapons which the orcs used. I have not seen their like before, and I think that training vs. this technique would be of use. They effectively used chained battle axes which gave them huge reach, over twice that of a halberd! They were well trained in their use, staying at reasonable range, and inflicting damage were they saw fit. Truly it was a joy to watch them in action.

It would have been interesting to train with their instructor; alas we are opposed, and so they must go.

I wasn’t paying full attention, rather busy at the time, but I’m pretty sure Kriv did something useless.

Bulwark continued drawing huge notice; A shifter smacks him around, and he bashes the shifter with his shield knocking the foe to the ground. Mevra reacts, healing Bulwark and fortifying the rest of us!

We focus on these orcs due to the danger they pose. Kriv drops some horrible mind spell on one, he screams in agony and claws at his head. I don’t know what that spell was, but it must have been nasty! Glespo follows up with a terrific rend, dropping the one orc; He then charges at another.

One of the bugbears rages, and then flails around knocking everybody, including his friends, prone! This bugbear can’t handle the combination of stars from Kriv and grasping roots from Glespo.

The three shifters are quickly handled. Kriv drops one with perfectly placed stars; Bulwark kills the second. On tries to flee, which would certainly be a problem, but he is hit by a lightning bolt from Kriv, and Glespo catches him, bites him, and he falls.

You will be happy to hear I was relatively effective in this fight. I used my booming blade to maintain positioning, and even dropped a bug bear with that technique. I was able to flare my warding and prevent some of the damage Bulwark was taking, and used a personal teleport and a charge to track down the other orc, who was fleeing. All in all a good fight for me.

We quickly hide the bodies and proceed on down the main trail. Ahead, Glespo finds and scouts the main camp. They are unaware that they have been found. We then follow the main track back out of the cave system, and spot smoke in the distance. The raiding group we handled must have been returning from ill deeds.

Well, we know where the main camp is, and although we are not fully rested nor at full power, there is no time better than the present to teach a lesson.

As always, your student,




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