House Rule The Corruption of the Fey Wild

The Corruption of the Fey Wild

The Fey Wild has fallen completely into chaos. Elder gods roam and the few rules that did exist have ceased to be. The corruption is not absolute but its spread affecting the links between that realm and Relna as well as its residents. Because of this corruption any Warlock power with a “Fey” keyword has the potential to behave erratically and the results can be beneficial or harmful. Fey pacts have dropped dramatically since the fall of the Fey Wild – some countries strictly control access to while others have outright bans on interactions particularly pacts. The incursion of the Fey Wild into Relna is now case for fear and alarm and in some cases results in military action to contain and control.

Mechanic –

Using a power with the “Fey” keyword requires a percentile roll the results dictate the behavior

  • Fey at-wills – such as Eye Bight are not effected
  • There doesn’t appear to be any issue with the Ellandrin Fey Step ability

Percentile roll results

  • 1 – 80 – No impact, power behaves as normal
  • 81 – 00 – roll a d10 * 1 = 0 damage * 2 to 5 = .5x damage * 6 to 9 = 1.5x damage * 10 = 2x damage
  • If 00 rolled in addition the target is randomized

House Rule The Corruption of the Fey Wild

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