An excerpt of Tal’s guide to the world circa 11,720 of All.

City of Gao –

The City of Goa, often called the City of Towers, is the capital of Allandaria but it could also be capital of the world. Beyond housing the government of the most stable country in the world for millennia, it houses the headquarters of the three bind institutions of the world – the Heroes’ Guild, the Order of Mages, and the Merchants Union. As well innumerable religions call this city home and grace it with their holiest of temples. Countless universities, colleges, and schools can be found throughout the city playing hosts to students from all across the world. Finally the greatest stores of knowledge, history, and art can all be found within its walls. All that combined with a thriving port, embassies from every country in the world, and a million citizens make Goa the place everyone should visit at least once.

This guide will give you a brief overview of the city and provide the keys you need to maximize your adventure in this city of infinite stories.

Goa is called the City of Towers for a reason – countless towers dot the skyline reaching for the heavens. But the most important tower to any traveler is the Great Clock Tower in Founder’s Circle in the heart and roughly the center of the city, it towers above the surrounding buildings with its golden roof making it clear to see from almost anywhere in the city. It’s the landmark visitors and local use to get their bearing in this immense city. The each face of the clock is aligned with a cardinal direction and each side has a unique symbol visible from a great distance. North face is the silver moon; south face the golden sun, east the sun rising over the green hills, west the sun setting into the blue sea. What you can see tells you where you are and better yet which way to go to get to the next location you want to visit.

The city has three walls – Strength, Resolution, and Hope (from outmost to inner most). Strength surrounds the entire city – including the vast spread of the new city; Resolution encloses the old city which houses most of the interesting places to see and visit and is the primary focus of this guide. Hope, the innermost, protects the fortress of Heartstone – the seat of government. The River Tallenar winds through the city and forms a moot at the base of the wall Resolution – crossing it are four bridges the only access points to the old city outside the port.

Areas that might be of interest –

The Central District surrounding Founder’s Circle and the Great Clock Tower at its heart (clock on map)

  • You can find news and gossip from around the world at the inn’s on Founder’s Circle
  • The stores and shops in this area specialize in import clothes and trinkets from around the world

The Valor district centered around Fortrel Square and Andor Keep – home of the Heroes guild (sword and shield on map)

  • Make sure to stop into Fortrel’s Rest, the best inn for heroic tales and song but much too expensive for an extended stay
  • The stores in this area carter to heroes and adventures and are unlikely to be of much interest to a non-adventurer.

The Merchant quarter – centered on the grand market and the Great Hall of the Merchant Union. (coin stacks on map)

  • The Great Hall is truly a wonder – its immense domed roof covering the largest enclosed space in the world. It is the heart of wholesale trading and simply wandering through on any given day a visitor will experience hundreds of new sights, sounds, and smells.
  • The merchant quarter is where anything you wish to purchase can be bought for a price. Haggling is standard practice but even if you’re very good don’t expect a bargain.

The Arcane district surrounding Anstrum’s Tower – home of the Order of Mages (magic wand on map)

  • An interesting place to visit particularly for those enamored with magic and its devices.

The Harbor (anchor on map)

  • For a view on the seeder side of the city visit the harbor
  • A note to travelers: the harbor is perhaps the most dangerous part of Goa one should not wander alone there day or night and if possible should be clear of the area before nightfall.

The Noble district (noble pennant on map)

  • Home to the fabulous palaces of the Allandarian nobility and the embassies of foreign powers
  • Be sure to visit Harrowdale Green the beautifully maintained park between the Noble district and the wall Hope.
  • The shops on Illna Square sell the finest luxuries and indulgences

Eureka Place and Kelibran’s House – home of the Artificer’s Company (gears on map)

  • One of the most unique places in the world is the home of the Artificer’s of Allandaria.
  • The mad mix of science and magic, the mechanical and mystical can be found here.
  • Inventors and creators will find shops in this area filled to the brim with whosits and whatits galore.

Knowledge district surrounding Debater’s square (open book on map)

  • Many great Universities, museums, and libraries are in this area
  • Shops in this area specialize in books, art, and education materials.


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