‘Heroes Glory’ or ‘Crashing Waves of Death’

After stepping thru the teleportor from the suburb area, the heroes are immediately crushed by the mobs of people trying to escape. They quickly clear a space among the crowd. The Unit 10 Commander assigns them to a choke point further out from the city center and basically told ‘Hold as long as you can’. They shoulder their way thru the crowd and eventually break thru the rear of the mob. There is a line of soldiers to defend the mob from attack, but they are beaten and weary with little to no fight left in them.

The crossroads is made of 2 alleys with a large boulevard that splits into several directions further out. A set of elite guards will attempt to hold the side alleys while the heroes will take the main boulevard. The beaten worn out guards will hold back at the crossroads. The heroes move up but not past the choke point for where the boulevard opens up into different directions. Soon the sounds of the advancing enemy can be heard. Around the corners and down the lane, an enormous mob of skeletons, fresh dead, and old, advance down the street toward the heroes. The sheer numbers would overwhelm anyone else, but not the heroes.

Intial Wave

The heroes wait, and let them approach. They try to spread themselves out to cover the most space available across the breadth of the lane. Glespo lets off a Devastating blast among the enemy mob. Parts and guts fly everywhere, but the enemy quickly fills in the gap and keeps advancing.

Bulwark lets them gather around him, and then striking one, cause the ones around him to explode from the sound of thunder and lightning. Quiz, GunGun, Kriv, and Glespo do devastating damage as well, but quickly the heroes realize they can’t cover the entire boulevard. There are just too many of them. The undead continue to die at a horrific rate, but the sheer numbers means that a few get thru. The heroes pull back to catch the ones getting thru, but that just opens the lines even more.

Glespo Throws calls forth a wall of plants and thorns that covers almost the entire boulevard, and Bulwark moves to place himself in the only space not covered by them. Quiz caught on the wrong side of the wall, takes on the form of water and appears to move thru the wall to safety with little effort.

Bulwark using his abilities just sits in the gap absorbing damage but killing anything that attempts to push thru. GunGun using his spear throws it into the mob killing things here and there as well as Kriv blasting thru the gap that Bulwark is covering.

It appears to be a stalemate and the heroes hold. But soon sounds of fighting can be heard behind them. Quiz, and GunGun move back to find out what is happening, and see that the guards in the side alleys are being pushed back. There appear to be a much larger class of undead at the fore and with the horde of undead behind, appear to be wearing the guards down and pushing them back.

Quiz moves up to engage the Huge undead. GunGun moves in to engage the stuff that is attempting to leak past, while Kriv attempts to blast them from afar. Glespo is in the middle of the boulevard holding the plant wall up and getting shots off as he can.

Split Attack

The Giant undead looks at Bulwark, and suddenly Bulwark finds himself pulled back out of the gap, unplugging the hole in the defensive position. Bulwark immediately rushes back and kills what attempts to push thru. The mob sensing a opening push and charge at Bulwark, pushing him back from the gap, and try to rush around him. He kills a few but some get thru to surround Glespo. With Quiz holding the Giant undead and the others trying to kill the leakers, Glespo on his own can’t hold against the surrounding undead. He switches to bird form and flies to the roof tops overlooking the boulevard.

Unfortunately this lets the plant wall fall. Bulwark holding the gap once more is shocked when the wall goes down and the undead begin to pour down the boulevard. Bulwark falls back to the line of guards and attempts to bolster their resolve with yells and shouts of encouragement. Kriv teleports to the roof tops himself after seeing Glespo fly there. Glespo and Kriv continue to fire down into the street with whatever spells they have left to help as best they can.

Quiz is able to kill the Giant undead, and moves back to the guard line to help hold the line. Soon another Giant undead appears from the opposite alley, and Bulwark, GunGun, and Quiz do what they can to prevent a collapse of the guards and hold the line.

Eventually the Giant falls as well, but now the solid wall of undead are on top of them. They Cleave, Blast, Use the elements at their commands to kill as many undead as they can. The carnage soon begins to pile up at their feet.

Crashing Wave

The civilians are pushing, shoving, and trampling each other trying to get to the portal in the center of town. They are slowly moving away down the alley, but there are still so many trying to escape.

Glespo looking off into the distance can see nothing but smoke and fire in the city. He sees Blue Flashes appear from other parts of the city. Other members of Unit 10 most likely being recalled. He says nothing, not wanting to distract the others or give them a reason to give in to despair.

The heroes are getting worn down, and the damage is taking its toll. Quiz is the first to fall under the onslaught of the waves of undead. He disappears in a blue flash of light. GunGun looks relieved. He didn’t believe the recall bands would work and thought it was just bluff to make them feel better. But now the line is much harder to hold.

GunGun is the next to fall, another blue flash. Leaving only Bulwark left on the ground with the remaining guards. The guards are getting killed left and right. They were worn out, beaten, before the undead even engaged to begin with.

Kriv watching from above, thinking he’s safe, hears a crash from behind him and is quickly brought down by the waves of undead that came up thru the floor below. Another Blue Flash.

Bulwark alone with what remains of the guards, yells and screams encouragement, trying to bolster their spirits and rally them to hold as long as possible. The longer they hold the more civilians that live.

Bulwark is buried under the waves of death, and appears down, but suddenly spring back up knocking the undead away. He appears to have taken a second breath and fights on.

As another wave of undead gathers for a last push, Bulwark pulls out the old standard, looks to where Glespo stands on the roof tops, and yells ‘For the Glory of Tirren-a-namal!!” and is finally overwhelmed and falls under a pile of undead.

Glespo sees a final Blue Flash on the street. Looking at the undead starting to fill the streets killing the last of the guards and move toward the remaining crowds of civilians, turns away, transforms to a bird, and flies away…

Alley Way

The heroes were put to work. Bulwark helped with moving supplies and heavy lifting. GunGun offered his services to help the wounded but was quickly diverted to other duties when they saw that he was about to put his Axe to use sorting triage. Chronic was put to use in the Field Hospital. And the others assigned to various other tasks around the camp as needed.

Many days of this wore on the heroes, but were necessary to sort out the chaos after the retreat, as orderly as it was.

Finally the commander of Unit 10 gathered everyone together. “We have new orders, get your gear together and ready to go. The Enemy army is closing on the first city on its march, and we need to help evacuate as many of the civilians as we can before it’s overrun. The walls are being manned, beating back the siege as best as it can, but it can’t hold for long. We will be going in teams to setup evacuation teleports to the central portal in town. So our job is to protect the mage and his teleporter for as long as necessary to get as many of the out laying areas clear of civilians as we can.”

The Unit was going to be broken into 2 squads and assigned separate areas of town. We were also told that Chronic was staying put, assigned to the Field Hospital. We were all given ‘recall’ bands. In case we fell unconscious or fell in battle our bodies would be teleported to a safe location. There were only enough for the special units, and not for the army at large.

We gathered with our assigned mage, and teleported to our mission area. It was a square, and not empty by any means. We immediately were crowded by a mob on the edge of panic. There was a fountain in the center of the square, and 4 alley ways leading from it. One was leading directly toward the wall of the city, and fighting on the walls could be heard, even from this distance.

Bulwark, bullied thru the crowd to let the mage setup his teleporter and start sending the crowd thru as fast as was possible. The heroes quickly assessed the area and started to setup roadblocks in the alley ways leading toward the walls or from nearby side streets. They left the one leading toward the center of the city clear. The most heavily fortified alley was the one leading to the wall.

The heroes then waited. The sounds of the walls of the city being breached could be heard, and they stood ready for whatever was to come.

Signs of the enemy soon appeared in the alley leading to the walls. Bulwark moved up to help maintain the barricade. Quiz moved to one of the side allies to keep an eye there, while the rest stayed toward the square, ready to move in to support which ever alley way needed it most.

The barricade was soon under assault, but was holding. Ghelespo using his bow, and Kriv his spells, were raining down death on the enemy trying to breach. Bulwark stood ready for anything that might make it thru.

Soon, enemy started to appear in the side alley’s, and quiz moved in to support the guards holding the lesser barricade there. GunGun also moved in to help.

Bulwark found that he had to move away from the barricade and wait back a bit. The enemy was trying to lay down area effect spells to clear the barricade and he was getting caught in them.

Eventually the barricade came down, and Bulwark then rushed in. The heroes were able to overcome the initial wave of the enemy. But it was soon clear that more were coming, and there was no way to stop them all. The heroes, pulled back bit by bit, giving the mage as much time as possible to get people out. No more people were coming to the square and all that could be done was done. The heroes stepped thru the teleporter themselves to get to the central evacuation area.

The Cave and Three Skulls

The fight at the bridge was done. Shattering the skeletons was troublesome due to the ensuing darkness that was released, but we fought our way thru it.

Ghelspo ran ahead to try and catch up to the slave train. Bulwark followed soon after rather than rest hoping that Ghelspo didn’t run into trouble on his own.

Ghelspo following the road hoped to catch up to the slaves soon enough. Suddenly the trail runs cold. Not the road, but there seemed to be no indication that anyone had passed on the road recently. He backtracks until he finds a trail leading off the road into the woods. Bulwark catches up, and they both follow the trail and find it leading to a cave entrance. They go back to the road and wait for the rest of the group to catch up, and rest while they wait.

The group approaches the cave, and Ghelspo sneaks in to see what lays in wait. He approaches a turn in the cave that leads to an more open space and see a bunch of undead just sitting there waiting for anything to come out of the tight space. From this vantage point he can’t see any prisoners. He sneaks back out and lets the others know what he found.

After some debate, it’s decided to go around and try to find another entrance to the cave complex. After a little searching, it’s found. Ghelspo leads the way in, and the rest follow. There is a spot with a 10-15 foot drop, and everyone makes it down in one piece.

The heroes soon find that the tunnel leads to the same cave area, but they appear to be somewhat behind the undead. There is a fearsome 3 headed undead being that appears to be the leader closer to the heroes with the more common undead toward the far side of the cave. They spot what looks like a holding pin with the prisoners in it. The heroes decide now is a good time as any to charge in and take them by surprise.

Turns out that the horde of the undead contained a few wraiths and something else, that used its own guts to try to entrap the heroes. Ghelspo and GunGun try to rush the leader; Bulwark and Quiz try to gather and pound on the undead skeletons, while Kriv and Chronic hang back and try to do what damage they can from behind the lines.

The wraiths prove to be fairly nasty in that they stunned anyone that was nearby unless Kriv or Chronic could disrupt their foul aura with attacks of their own. Bulwark quickly takes out the common undead, but is surprised when one of the skulls on the Leader lights up and the skeletons quickly reform and get back up.

Ghelspo and GunGun get a few fast hits in and appear to smash one of the leaders’ skulls in. Surprisingly the Leader doesn’t go down, but seem reinvigorated. The other skulls light up in turn and start down fire and ice based damage to the Heroes. GunGun is surrounded by the entrails and hampered by the wraith. Bulwark dealing with an entrailed undead and well as the skeletons tries to get to him as fast as he can. Eventually getting frustrated enough to bash the entrailing undead to the ground and causing roots from the earth to enwrap the undead in turn. Bulwark quickly smashes the remaining skeletons down, and they don’t get back up.

Quiz rushes to the left flank as a wraith and entrailing undead was coming around from behind the group. Kriv and Quiz are quickly ensnared by the entrails and the wraiths aura, but eventually are able to beat down the entrailing undead.

Bulwark finally makes it over to GunGun and helps free him from entrails and tackles the wraith. Ghelspo and GunGun proceed to pound on the leader and eventually break down both his skulls. Then turn and help Bulwark kill the wraith.

With the one wraith being the only one left still fighting, it screams and then flies up and disappears thru the ceiling.

Bulwark covered in guts and goo approaching the prisoners soon backs off since they appear to be frightened by what is approaching them. They are soon released and escorted by the heroes go back to the town they were taken from.

Approaching the town they are meet by other members of Unit 10, and escorted the rest of the way in. It was clearly a trap, but the other team was able to overcome the trap knowing it was there from the initial scouting by Ghelspo and the other teams scout.

One member of the unit volunteers to stay behind to shut down the portal and everyone else goes thru back to the base camp. After closing the portal he will make his own way back. Dangerous but seems to be not a major concern for him.

Once back at camp they find themselves involved with general chaos. While investigating the town, and free the prisoners, general war on the front had started, and were being beaten back by the unprecedented numbers of undead in the opposing army.

While helping the wounded coming thru, a loud horn is heard, and the Unit is dismayed to learn that it’s a call for a general retreat, and soon after the full army starts to come thru the portal from the front. The general soon comes thru, and finally the portal to the front is closed.

Recap of the 2/25/10 game

Having figured out their plan of battle, the stalwart heroes depart for the camp – posing as the defeated mercenaries. After 45 minutes they think they’re close to the camp. And as the team rounds a corner, they see the camp ahead, with a basic barrier set up around it. As the team approaches, a large human appears and challenges the party. Quiz displays the mercenary contract, and the guard is set at ease, and lets the heroes through.

The camp is mixed. Some people are part of the ring, while others are not. At the other end of the camp is a tent with a woman who is clearly the leader – Arista – and she has a giant dire tiger at her side. There’s also a slave cage in the camp, full of sad looking people begging for help. The tiger roars at them, a monstrous sound that makes them quail back in fear. Arista is an elf, but there is a human woman next to her. Other humans and Dragonborn fill the camp.

We talk with Arista briefly to maintain our cover, and then get out of the way. A few hours later, we hear a ringing bell clearly. Arista calls out that there is trouble in the other camp. She summons a few people, and sends them off to help. She commands the rest of us to man the posts, so the party spreads out along the wall to wait. We know the other camp is about a half mile away, so the heroes need to wait 5 minutes or so before launching into their surprise attack.

After waiting for a bit, the heroes surge into action. The humans are carrying halberds, with crossbows on their backs. The Dragonborn appear to be elementalists. And there’s a female human at the edge of the camp who appears to be a wizard, carrying a crossbow. The tiger is a hunter, and can bite, pounce (shift 5 squares) and they have quarry. Finally, Arista has a pair of rapiers and a short bow. She appears to be quite proficient with the rapiers.

While the enemy is off balance, Chronic edges towards the foe, but stays close to Bulwark. Gungün charges a human, smashing the halberdier with his axe and dancing away. Kriv unleashes lightning against the same foe, blistering it – and slightly damaging the other halberdier. Bulwark then swiftly moves past Chronic towards a mage. Not to be outdone, Glespo fires a burst of Faerie Fire on Arista and her tiger – hitting them both! Quiz is farther away from the foe, but gallantly charges towards the battle!

As the foes start to react, Chronic uses his Iron to Glass, weakening the tiger. Enraged, Arista raises her bow – but she misses Glespo the swift. Kriv fires a lightning bolt at the un-engaged human – knocking it prone and slowing it. After smashing his foe, Kriv positions himself strategically. At the same time, Bulwark causes the area around him to be rough terrain to hinder his foes. But in a surprise move, the woman near the wall pulls out her short bow and fires at Bulwark, and he disappears! (Much to Chronic’s dismay…)

The tiger turns and pounces on Chronic, biting him. After he’s done shaking Chronic like a small rodent, it fends off the druid’s Faerie Fire – so it explodes and damages him. He roars in response, causing Chronic to wet himself and really wish that Bulwark was still there. Meanwhile, Glespo turns into a beastie and charges the woman who made Bulwark disappear. But she reacts quickly to his attack, shifting away and firing her bow – but the shot goes wide. Glespo finishes his charge, and bites her with his pointy, pointy fangs. Once Glespo grabs her, he pulls her closer.

The human that Gungün has been attacking finally responds. He swipes at Gungün with his halberd, hitting him and smashing Gungün to the ground. Meanwhile, his companion stands up and attacks Gungün too, hitting him and marking him.

The Dragonborn finally jump into battle. One calls down lightning on Chronic. The other moves and targets Glespo with lightning, smiting him. Seeing Chronic in danger, Quiz charges the tiger. She storms in with her blade, slicing the beast and immobilizing it. Inspired, Chronic sears the tiger, and grants Quiz temporary hit points.

Frustrated that she can’t close quickly, Arista fires her bow, striking Quiz. She finally shakes off the Faerie Fire, causing an explosion around her. Meanwhile, Gungün rises and moves towards Arista – bringing caustic imprecations down on him from the foes. Kriv follows up, using a powerful sorcery in an attempt to make Arista glow like a radioactive hole. Arista takes damage, and Kriv now can influence her movements. Still causing mayhem, the woman at the wall shifts and fires at Glespo, hitting him and causing ongoing poison damage. As she finishes her attack, Bulwark re-appears but is dazed.

The tiger shifts its attention to Quiz, chomping on her. But the tiger is weakened by Chronic’s spell.

Glespo tries to attack a Dragonborn, but it responds with a gust of wind pushing Glespo away. Glespo charges again, gnawing fiercely at the foe’s ankle and uses that leverage to push the Dragonborn into the swamp.

At the other end of the camp the halberd guys haven’t given up on Gungün – they charge after him swinging madly – bloodying him. Meanwhile one Dragonborn tries to blast Glespo & Chronic, hitting Chronic. The other Dragonborn fires a burst attack on Gungün and Kriv. The Dragonborn manages to hit them both for acid damage.

Now that the tiger is immobilized, Quiz shifts away from the tiger and attacks both Arista and the tiger – bloodying the tiger! Hoping to keep the tiger down, she trigger’s her sword’s power against it as well. Seeing his allies wounded, Chronic uses his beacon of hope and then a cure light wounds on himself.

Arista charges Kriv and lashes out with her rapiers, bloodying him. Gungün is trapped in the toxic cloud, and drops. And responding to Arista’s brutal attack, Kriv uses one of his mysterious (& confusing) powers on Arista, dazing her.

Annoyed at being removed from the battle, Bulwark uses his form of winter’s herald on the woman by the wall, crushing her and bloodying her. Now very angry, the tiger stands up and charges Quiz – but misses. Glespo shifts back into Elf form, and moves backwards. He then summons his wall of thorns and surrounds Arista with it.

Enraged at Gungün, the halberdiers continue chopping at Gungün’s body. The acid rain around Gungün stops, and one Dragonborn fires an acid cloud on Chronic and Glespo, hitting them both. It then unleashes a wave of cold at Chronic & Glespo, but misses them. The other Dragonborn attacks Quiz, but the area attack hits the tiger as well.

Still unconcerned about the tiger, Quiz attacks a nearby Dragonborn, bloodying him. Seeing Glespo in danger, Chronic moves closer and heals him. Meanwhile, Arista finds herself in the center of a wall of thorn. Before she can take any action, Kriv moves her into the thorns, and they rip into her – and then he moves her back into the center. Angered at being jerked around, she nurses a private grudge deep in her heart – and awaits the chance to retaliate. She finds that she has control of her movement, and moves back through the wall to seek her revenge.

Meanwhile, Gungün is bleeding out on the ground, while the battle rages about him. Kriv sees enemies approaching, and fires his thunderworm jaws. His attack hits Arista, bloodying her. Bulwark attacks the woman at the wall again – crushing her to the ground, slain. Freed up, Bulwark moves towards a Dragonborn.

Still cranky, the tiger turns and charges Quiz, raking her with his claws. Glespo responds with an attack against Arista & the tiger. Their defenses drop, and they both take damage.

The halberdiers have charged at Kriv, and continue to pursue him into the swamp. One hits Kriv with a lucky blow. A Dragonborn follows up by dropping lightning on Chronic and Glespo. The attack bloodies Chronic. The other Dragonborn attacks Bulwark with his staff, missing.

Quiz turns and tries to move to Arista, but the tiger takes a swipe and hits her as she goes by. Chronic heals his allies and weakens the enemies’ defenses.

Arista starts to move, but again Kriv interrupts her and pushes her through the thorny, thorny wall. She shakes off Kriv’s control and breaks through the thorns again – attacking Chronic but missing. Unfortunately Gungün bleeds to death as the party fights on.

Kriv unleashes his fury on Arista, hitting her with lightning and knocking her prone. Bulwark attacks the Dragonborn, but the foe shifts away and pushes Bulwark back. Bulwark draws on his reserves of energy, and attacks anyway – crushing the foe with critical damage.

The tiger continues to try to hurt Quiz and lashes out. Quiz lashes back, striking it in turn and killing it. Not to be outdone, Glespo bites and claws at Arista, gnawing on her prone form and dazing her. Glespo then wheels and attacks a Dragonborn, knocking it prone and dazing him as well.

The halberdiers charge Chronic, hitting him and knocking him to the ground, bleeding. A Dragonborn blasts Kriv with lightning, singing him. The other Dragonborn attacks Bulwark with his staff, hitting him.

And there our story must pause…to be continued…

Recap of the 2/18/10

The 25rd day of the 2nd month of the Season of Light

Headmaster Bastion, Chosen of Azureen:


It appears that war is on the horizon. Gao is flooded with people, heading to war, heading away, trying to profit from it. Namal is almost certainly to be attacked by the armies of Tyraga. Bad times.

I’m not telling you anything you don’t know, but a necromancer rules in Tyraga, and it appears that his power and desires are greater than his own borders. This is a grave threat; if there is any aid that you or Azureen, I most humbly submit, can send to Allandaria and Namal, it will be most welcome. I know you will take this request and do as is best for Bahamutal and the world at large.

Have no fear, I have sworn to do my part, as best that I may. All the heroes that Gao can muster have been called to do their service as part of the conflict, and my party is no different. We met our new commander in the morning, Genara Coulton, Unit 10, a commando unit made up of irregulars, us, and six army regulars.

I will recount the regulars as best I can, but the introductions were swift. We met Wells, a deva mage, Mal a goliath, Tribudon and halfling who takes care of things, Sobra and dwarf mentalist, Eldanor a dragonborn, and Ral a half-orc monk.

Ral and Gûngun couldn’t be more different from each other!

War brings out the worst in people, does it not? The border to Namal is not yet sealed, but it is guarded. Unscrupulous profiteers are smuggling people across the border with claims of safety, but really they are selling these poor folks into slavery. Unit 10 is going to put an end to this.

The plan is clever. We are to intercept a set of mercenaries, which the slavers have hired, before the mercs reach the slaver camps in the swamps. We will then proceed to take the mercs place. The rest of the unit is going to assault the smaller slaver camp. When the larger camp sends reinforcements, we strike from within.

The slaver leader, by reports a female elf with a dire tiger, fights with a rapier. I relish the chance to test my skill vs. hers.

Out ambush proceeds as planned. The mercs approach, and at Glespo’s signal we attack. They are not too difficult to dispatch, but we had the advantage on them, and they never seemed to be able to bring their full powers to bear. Gûngun, Glespo, and Bulwark particularly are devastating during the fight.

At one point I felt a nice cool breeze, but it turned out to just be Kriv trying to breath fire on an enemy. Haha!! I should not jest so, but I could not resist. Kriv has been trying to find a great time and place for this, but so far it has just not happened.

I have learned new skills, and have been much more effective at putting them to use. Interestingly enough I have also been able to exhibit more than one Genasi manifestation. Not knowing much about my heritage I do not know how common this is in my family, but I know it is a relatively unusual trait. It will be interesting over time to see where this takes me. I do think my near drowning has had something to do with it, as when I exhibit my new manifestation I do not fear to stay underwater at length.

The mercs fall swiftly, and we have all the paperwork they had been carrying. It appears that we should not have too much trouble impersonating them. The slavers don’t appear to have met them before, and as a group we are very similar to the mercs we just defeated. All we need to do is report to the camp, lay low until the rest of the unit hits the other camp, and then attack during the confusion.

What could be more simple!? I will let you know later how it turns out.

As always, your student,


Recap of the 2/11/10 game

As the team recovers from their battle with the undead, a great and terrible form descends from above. It looks like a large, misshapen sphere with a single eye and tentacles. Glespo shouts out “’Ware, ‘tis an undead Bloodkiss Beholder!”, and then soils himself.

But staying stalwart, Glespo charges in, provoking an attack. But he retaliates with faerie fire, slowing the beast and granting advantage to his allies.

Recoiling, the beastie shifts and blasts the nearby heroes. It hits Chronic & Quiz with a powerful psychic attack, dazing them. Gungün reacts swiftly, using a potion to protect him from the Beholder’s deadly emanations. He then swings at the beholder, striking it soundly.

The horrible eye of death lashes out at Bulwark, striking him. Bulwark responds with his winter’s herald, and smites the deadly foe. As Chronic prepares a mighty spell, the evil beast strikes him again. But before he falls, Chronic manages to heal himself – and he shakes off the disorientation that had been plaguing him. Not to be outdone, Glespo pulls out his bow, aims for the creature’s eye, but misses.

The beholder responds, hitting Gungün with an eyebite. As Gungün prepares to respond, he pumps himself up. The beholder uses the opportunity to blast Gungün with a spell to weaken him.

Chronic fires a burst, missing the enemy but granting allies a boon. Gungün tries to save vs weakness and fails. So Chronic steps back and uses his Sacred flame, striking the beast and granting Gungün another save, which he also fails. But Gungün still attacks the beast with vigor, striking it mightily, and as he stands there panting from his ferocious attack he shakes off the weakness.

As Quiz prepares to attack, the beholder lashes out, but misses her. Quiz responds by teleporting out of the vile creature’s reach, firing a spell and hitting it. Kriv fires a spell as well, but it glances off the beholder, barely affecting it. Glespo summons a mighty, thorny wall of thorny thorns, surrounding the foe.

The beholder tries to move, but is thwarted by the thorns. Frustrated, it fires at Gungün. Gungün & Bulwark take the opportunity to attack, both hitting the vicious monster. Gungün also uses the opening to activate his curtain of steel, slicing into it for further damage. That just fuels Gungün’s rage, triggering a furious assault – dealing even more damage to the battered beast. But the beholder does manage to hit Gungün, stunning him. It then lashes out at both Bulwark & Gungün with a mighty blow, and then manages to resist the druid’s faerie fire that had been clinging to him all battle. The resulting explosion rocks it back on its heels. But even as it recoils from the mighty blast, it knocks Gungün to the ground – bleeding.

Bulwark responds, critically striking the foe and regaining temporary energy. Seeing that Bulwark has taken significant damage, Chronic releases a holy word, healing Bulwark. Meanwhile, Gungün slips closer to death.

Glespo keeps the thorns in place, and fires his bow again, missing. As the Bloodkiss prepares to attack, the thorns slash into it again. It shifts towards Chronic, so Quiz and Bulwark swing as it goes by, hitting it. Maddened, the beholder turns and swings at Bulwark & Quiz. It misses Bulwark, but strikes Quiz. Quiz responds in kind, lashing out with her mighty blade, bloodying the misshapen beast. Angered and in pain, the beholder screams directly at Quiz, but it has no effect. Undaunted, it screams again, striking Quiz – dazing and bloodying her. Seeing its enemy weakened, the beholder tries to smite Quiz again and misses.

Seeing an ally in danger, Bulwark tries to draw the beast’s attention, and hits it with a crushing blow. As Chronic prepares to unleash a spell that would surely kill the foul creature, it turns and smites him, bringing Chronic near death. Again, trying to protect his allies, Bulwark strikes the creature. Rethinking his strategy, Chronic backs off and heals himself again, regaining his strength.

Quiz prepares to attack, but the beast attacks her first, dealing a somewhat mighty blow. Quiz responds with a huge swing, slicing deep into the beast’s hide and teleporting it back into the middle of the thorns.

As the beast prepares to attack, the thorns lash at it again, leaving deep furrows. Furious, the creature lashes at Quiz, dropping her. But Chronic calls upon his Goddess, returning Quiz to consciousness.

As Bulwark prepares his assault, the beholder strikes him, but the backlash knocks the beast prone. Bulwark follows up with a furious retaliation, crushing the beast beneath his weapon and pushing it back into the thorns. Seeing his allies down, Chronic steps up and heals Quiz. He then fires at the beast, damaging it and grants Gungün another saving throw.

Enraged, the beast strikes at Quiz on the ground, hitting her again. But Quiz responds, striking it and healing herself. Kriv follows up with his donut power, centering it on Quiz – but he misses by a hair. Glespo continues to concentrate on the thorny wall, and prepares to shoot the vile, filthy, disgusting beast as soon as it rises.

The Beholder, stirs, but in doing so sinks the razor sharp thorns further into its hide. Crazed, it screams at Bulwark, dazing, damaging and bloodying him. Seeing the hero weakened the creature strikes out at Bulwark again, smiting him and stunning him. Bulwark manages to recover and prepares to attack, but the brute sees him preparing to attack, and hits Bulwark yet again, dropping him.

Out of healing spells, Chronic moves around the battle to get closer to Bulwark. Meanwhile, Glespo moves in towards Gungün, and gives him a healing potion.

The putrid beholder prepares to attack, and tries to shake off the thorns, but they continue to pierce him with dagger-like efficiency. Enraged, the heinous beast assaults Quiz. A rapid flurry of blows between the two of them ensues. Quiz tries to protect the heroes, but in the end she is bloodied, and Gungün drops to 1 hit point and is dazed. But Bulwark is able to gain his feet again!

As Gungün prepares to stand, the revolting beholder turns on him and drops him to the ground. But Bulwark uses the opening to assault the despicable beast. Glespo follows up, lighting into the dreadful creature as well.

But the abhorrent beholder screams again, bombarding Bulwark and dazing him. Chronic resists the attack, and grants another boon to the team. Bulwark shakes off the daze, and stops Gungün’s bleeding. Hoping to go out in a blaze of glory, Gungün stands and charges the horrid creature, critically hitting it with a heinous blow. This triggers Gungün’s rampage, hitting the beholder again. Gungün then draws upon the last of the energy he’s held in reserve, striking the beast yet again! Quiz is dazed, but not out of the fight – she moves closer to the foe.

Meanwhile, Kriv unleashes a hellish blast of lighting, dealing an enormous amount of damage! Glespo moves in, and critically strikes it yet again – and the creature drops!

Only the heroes remain in the giant room. Weary and bloodied, they look at each other with disbelief that they actually survived this battle. As they look around the vaulted chamber they find another piece of the box! This one has the dagger on it. Only one piece left!

Eventually the team moves back outside, and sets up a bonfire on the beach. They invite the ship captain over to join them, and they spend a pleasant evening. That night, the heroes sleep soundly on the beach.

After returning to town, the team finds out they have a meeting lined up for the next day. So they spend the day cleaning up and keeping up with the latest fashions.

The next day, the group is escorted discretely to a private chamber in the palace. They enter a room and look around. The palace clearly wasn’t meant for defense, and it has seen better times. The palace’s staff has tried to keep it maintained, but the years are slowly winning. When the team enters the room, there is someone waiting for us – Lord Blackthorn…the accused. Shortly after that, the King is announced and enters the room. Chronic steps up and explains the circumstances to the King (with a little help from his friends).

The King turns and accosts Lord Blackthorn, but Blackthorn denies the charges and lays the blame elsewhere – on his liege Lord Theron. After a few moments the King asks the heroes what led them on this path, and they reveal what they know of the crown. The King asks them to return in 3 days, and has the guards secure Lord Blackthorn.

The heroes hang out about town the next few days, waiting for their meeting. One night, they hear a rumor that Lord Theron and his family were seized by the King! They also hear that the Lord will be expected to pledge his loyalty to the King tomorrow, or be sent off to jail…

The following day, the team goes to the palace, to attend the court hearing with Festus. The group is escorted to a place of honor, and as they walk through the room, the team sees a group of nervous people…perhaps the accused?

The King is announced, and enters the room. Lord Theron and his son are put in front of the King, and a long litany of charges is read. And the evidence between our findings and Lord Blackthorn’s confession is damning. During the reading, it implicated other people, and the guards moved throughout the room to surround the people in question. At the end, the King demands that they all come forward and pledge allegiance to the King, which they do.

The King then stands and turns towards the mighty heroes, and thanks them personally for saving Tesla from a civil war. He calls a monk forward, and delivers the crown to the monk, fulfilling our quest! He also rewards the heroes with a large chest full of gold & gems, as well as a beautiful sword.

Later the team is encouraged to seek adventures elsewhere, which they concur with. The only question is – where next?

Recap of the 1/21/10 game

As the team steps into the large room, the door slams shut behind them! The evil overlord suddenly disappears, and a swarm of demons appears in the room! A Bloodseep, Canoloths, Evistros, and Rupture…outnumbering our ill-starred heroes.

As battle ensues, the team quickly starts killing the weakest of the foe – the Rupture demons. But as the Rupture die they grant the last of their power to the Bloodseep. And the Canoloths start the battle by dazing several party members in quick succession. Meanwhile, the Bloodseep uses its teleport ability to bounce around the battlefield, smiting the allies.

As soon as possible, Bulwark charges into the middle of the fray – drawing the attention of many of the demons. Mevra manages to briefly blind the Bloodseep, but continues to wobble unsteadily in a dazed state. The Canoloths lash out yet again at the party, wreaking havoc. As the party seeks to recover their footing, the Bloodseep continues to damage any nearby heroes with his noxious aura.

Seeing a moment of opportunity, Kriv attacks – unleashing a brutal area attack on the demons, inflicting hellish damage. But not finished wreaking destruction, Kriv then turns to a nearby Canoloth and lets loose his powerful, deadly, unstoppable breath attack – blasting it.

Although still blinded, the Bloodseep responds with a blast of power centered on Bulwark. Fortunately the attack misses Bulwark, but sadly it does end up healing the nearby demons – making Bulwark’s job that much more difficult. Then on lifted wings, the Bloodseep teleports to Kriv and tries to claw him, but fortunately for the heroes (and Kriv in particular), the demon misses.

Bulwark takes advantage of a lull to use a potion of healing, then smites nearby enemies with a burst attack – inflicting grievous wounds to all foes around him. Unfortunately the Evistros retaliate, unleashing the very powers of hell against Bulwark, bloodying him. Hoping to help, Glespo opens up on the foe with a Faerie Fire on the Evistros. Similarly, Mevra releases his beacon of hope, healing himself & Bulwark, as well as weakening a nearby Canoloth.

Gungün tries heroically to help by charging the Canoloth on Mevra, but misses. Not out of the fight yet, the Canoloths respond to the party’s fury. One pulls Glespo towards him, another horrific demon bites Quiz, while a third attacks Gungün with some sort of psychic blast.

Standing stalwart, Bulwark continues to try to defend the party, pulling an enemy closer to him, but is bitten for his efforts. However, two of the attacking demons finally shrug off the Faerie Fire, unwittingly triggering explosions about them.

Mevra finally heals Bulwark more effectively, but remains dazed and can’t do much else. And fortunate it was that Mevra finally came to Bulwark’s aid – as a Canoloth immediately steps in and smites Bulwark. Kriv follows up and strikes an Evistro with his mighty spells, and Quiz strikes a Canoloth with her booming blade.

Its anger growing by the second, the Bloodseep lashes out, hitting Kriv. The Evistros are worked up in a similar froth of vengeance – they continue trying to pummel Bulwark. But Glespo charges in and attacks the Evistros, biting one ferociously and killing it. Inspired, Mevra sears a Canoloth, and gives Gungün temporary hit points. Gungün follows up by charging a foe and bloodying it with a mighty swing of his weapon.

Inspired, Kriv unleashes his magical mojo, killing yet another Evistro. But Bloodseep has been watching the battle. It was already alarmed at Kriv’s power, and is now nursing a growing fear of Gungün. The demon teleports in and strikes Gungün, hoping to drop him. Bulwark strikes a nearby Canoloth and knocks it prone. Seeing an opportunity, Glespo charges in again and bites the downed Canoloth, ripping out its throat and killing it. Meanwhile Mevra turtles up and uses his 2nd wind, hoping to be avoid being slain (again).

The angry, angry Canoloths respond, and one hits Quiz and bloodies her. Yet another hits Gungün, and one uses its psychic power to lash out at Mevra.

Quiz deftly wields her sword, striking a nearby enemy, and manages to recover from being dazed. But still focused on his two designated targets, the Bloodseep teleports back to Kriv and strikes him again.

Continuing to protect the party, Bulwark lashes out at the Evistro in front of him, critically striking it and bloodying it. Glespo charges in and attacks the same Evistro, savaging it with his fangs.

Mevra unleashes divine glow, giving Gungün a boost to his attack, and slightly damaging the Bloodseep. Gungün takes advantage of this power, striking the last Evistro and killing it! This triggers Gungün’s unstoppable rage, and he charges across the room at the Bloodseep – brutally smashing it and drawing blood.

Meanwhile, the Canoloth on Mevra bites him, bringing him nearer to death.

Wounded, Kriv backs off and releases his second wind to recover before re-entering the fray.

Seeing that Mevra is almost down, the Bloodseep swipes at him, dropping Mevra to 1 HP and poisoning him…Mevra’s doom is at hand (again). Bulwark moves in to protect the still wounded Kriv, attacking a nearby Canoloth – using his Thunder Ram assault and knocking it back.

Glespo circles the combat, and deftly pounces on the Bloodseep, killing it! Inspired by seeing the demon leader fall, Gungün releases his wrath on the nearby Canoloth, critically smiting it and bloodying it. But the Canoloth responds, biting Gungün in return.

Feeling safer, Kriv launches a mighty magic attack, striking one of the Canoloth. Glespo charges the other, killing it. And Quiz charges the Canoloth that Kriv blasted, killing it. As soon as the last foe falls, the door slams open again.

After the battle, Mevra is stabilized and the team rests. After the rest, Gungün briefly tries to destroy the altar, and then the team moves on to the next door. The first room they find is a study, which they proceed to search. They find some treasure, and some papers burning in the fire. They are able to rescue some of the burning papers, and they take a look (well, those that can read do…cough). Most of the papers were sent by someone who simply signs the letters “West”. The salvaged documents outline a plan to disrupt trade, and there’s a letter mentioning the crown and the ship it is coming in on – and a reward for it. The letters don’t appear to be strict orders. Instead they seem more like an exchange of tactics and plans. Finally, the heroes find one really burned letter that says “My Agent” and “Thorn” (part of a name) and “Destroy these instructions”. They also find another seal – a mounted rider – and it fits with the other seal! Putting the two seals together, the heroes finally see the whole picture – a mounted rider across from a cliff with a road leading to a tower.

The team continues exploring, finding various rooms. But they have less luck – most of them are full of junk, and don’t appear to be used. After exploring the whole house, the team leaves the house and heads towards the docks. As soon as the heroes approach, the dockworkers scatter. The team finally manages to talk to one of the dockworkers, and he’s shocked that their leader was a necromancer. He claims to have had no idea.

Leaving the dockworkers for now, the team then gathers to decide what to do next.

Recap of the 12/29/09 game

After the ferocious battle, the team finds a box of documentation, a seal and a strange stone. They discover that the stone is a communication stone that let the bandits receive orders from “River”, their leader. Quiz notes that the communication stone is expensive to make, and useless to us for now. They are bound to a specific sender/receiver. But if we find the other one, we can reset them for a cost. The letters from River ask for detailed reports to be delivered to a drop spot regularly. Upon examination, the seal is odd – only half the seal is filled in, showing a tower and a bridge.

The team discusses what to do next. They decide to hit the road and head back to town immediately. Once they arrive Quiz and Bulwark take Mevra’s remains to the local priest, who will attempt to resurrect Mevra. Then they all (sans Mevra) ride out to a nearby farm, where the captured Dragonborn bandit is working. After a brief discussion with the Dragonborn, they find that he doesn’t know anything about the captain’s seal. The Dragonborn seems to be happy to be alive, but far from pleased with his current lot in life. From talking to the foreman, they also find out there will be a barn-raising in a few days. If they are still in town, their help would be appreciated.

After talking with the Dragonborn & foreman, the heroes ride back to town and investigate the seal further. Based on some advice, the team visits a bookseller who is a history/nobility enthusiast. The bookshop isn’t big. Glespo goes in to talk and a young man comes out to help. Glespo asks about the seals, and the young man takes a look. He looks at the imprint of River’s seal first. He finds a reference to a similar seal, from long ago, around the break-up of the kingdom. The seal was related to a group of nobles and merchants who were “pro” breaking up the kingdom. But this type of seal hasn’t been seen in hundreds of years. He thinks that River’s seal is an updated version. It has a more modern style castle & vessel, while the old seal was “modern” for its time. It isn’t a particular ship, it is just representative. He looks at the other seal – the half seal that the bandits had. A tower on a hill isn’t uncommon. The part that is missing probably completes a story. It is definitely made to be joined with another seal, but it is hard to say what the 2nd half would be. He shows Glespo other similar seals. It doesn’t read as a merchant’s seal. This one is too easy to duplicate. More than likely it is a house seal for nobility, but he can’t give us any other particulars.

From there the team heads to a feast and party held in their honor. The less said of that the better.

The following morning Mevra emerges from the Temple, and rejoins the party. They welcome him back gladly, with the exception of Gungün who seems a bit cranky. The mayor meets the party, and as a “thank you” gives them horses for the ride to Tesla. Because the group had put out word they were going to Tesla, they also fin d 3 or 4 wagons ready to join us. The group hits the road. It takes a full day to get there, but nothing unusual happens.

When they arrive in Tesla Festus is there, and is glad to see us. He has news. The captain we bested seems indebted to us. He’s been checking for our return every few days. He thinks he can get us on the Gorgon. We update Festus on the seal, and then discuss matters further. We try to retire, but we are awakened in the middle of the night – Quiz has a disturbing dream. She’s running, and sees twin lighthouses in the distance and hears clomping behind her. She thought this place should be safe, but it isn’t. She sees a piece of a box with a dagger, and then falls into darkness… It isn’t clear if it is her or someone else in the dream.

The following morning Quiz does more research on our destination, and she finds the ship captain and talks to him further. They concoct a plan – they’ll take the captain’s ship out to sea, and act as bait for the Gorgon. As part of the ruse, we make sure to be seen in an inn handing off a box to the captain. Later he sneaks us aboard his ship on a much-too-small dingy. After sailing for a few hours, we spot the Gorgon. To be convincing bait, we flee. After a fierce chase, we finally heave-to and engage!

As the battle begins Glespo charges the nearest bridge, and Quiz goes for a rope. Gungün follows up with a charge, killing a minion on the bridge. But after that a wave seizes the ship, knocking down Quiz, Mevra, Bulwark and Kriv. As soon as they are able, Kriv, Bulwark & Mevra stand up.

Gorgon’s captain acts next, moving into position. Then the Gorgon’s Hexers attack. The first Hexer throws a hex. It hits Quiz, Gungün & Glespo. The other Hexer targets Glespo, transforming him into a tiny little mouse.

But Quiz is back on her feet, and swings across to the pirate boat – charging the captain! She misses, but manages to get the captain’s attention. Gungün charges onto the bridge, but misses the minion blocking his path.

The minion in front of Gungün hits him with a club, and the other two minions move to board our vessel. Glespo steps up (as a mouse) and moves to the enemy ship. Mevra follows, nearing the closest bridge and blasting the minion on the bridge. The same blast also grants Bulwark temp hit points. Kriv then blasts the closest Hexer, damaging him and knocking him prone.

The enemy sailors respond, the first charging Bulwark. The next attacks Quiz, striking her and marking her. Then the Gorgon’s captain swings at Quiz as well, but misses her wildly. He follows up by shifting two squares and attacking again. This time hitting her, and then shifting two more squares. The pirate Hexers respond to the boarders as well. The first one tries to hex the party, hitting Quiz, Bulwark, Gungün, and Kriv. The other Hexer summons a capricious earth – hitting Gungün and knocking him back. The attack also hits Bulwark & Kriv, knocking them prone as well. The second Hexer fires a hex, hitting Gungün, Glespo & Mevra. He then hits Mevra and transforms him into a sparrow. As they finish their attacks, Glespo suddenly transforms back into his beast form.

Quiz marks the sailor that hit her, and then triggers lightning – hitting one sailor and inflicting ongoing lightning damage, while sparks damage the captain and the other sailor. When she hits the captain, there is a backlash and she’s inflicted by ongoing damage as well. She then teleports behind the captain.

Gungün stands up and charges across the bridge, striking an enemy sailor.

The enemy minions attack, and one hits Glespo. Glespo responds, shifting away from them and moving around them towards the enemy captain. He then shifts into an Elf, and uses his action point to cast a thorn wall, encasing the enemy Hexers in the pointy, pointy thorns.

Mevra is still a sparrow, and hops across the bridge to the enemy boat. Bulwark stands up, moves onto the enemy boat (shrugging off an enemy’s attack) and then marks the sailor. Kriv stands up, and moves closer to the battle.

The enemy sailors respond to the invasion of their ship. One attacks Quiz and misses, while the other hits Bulwark. The enemy captain follows up with an attack on Quiz that misses, but he shifts two and attacks again, hitting her. Quiz responds with a frosty backlash, hitting the captain in return.

The Hexers struggle in the thorns, taking damage. The Hexer in the black hat fires another hex – hitting Bulwark & Glespo. The other Hexer (grey hat) fires another hex – hitting Mevra and Kriv. Then the Hexers teleport – trading places with Kriv and one with Bulwark – so our allies are now in the thorns. The pointy, pointy thorns.

Quiz shifts to the enemy captain, striking out with booming blade, but missing. She follows up with a second wind. Gungün charges the black hat Hexer, bloodying him. Seeing his wounded enemy before him, he follows up with another attack, inflicting massive damage.

The pirate minions attack Glespo, and one hits him. Glespo shifts into a “pyramid-y” type animal. He then follows up with a grasping tide on the sailors – taking out both of them!

The boat suddenly shifts again, knocking down Quiz, Kriv & Bulwark – and knocks over one of the boarding planks. Bulwark recovers and stands up, hitting the black hat Hexer. Kriv follows up with a strike against black hat – killing him! Kriv follows up with an attack against the remaining Hexer, striking him as well.

The sailors respond. One misses Quiz but the other strikes Bulwark. The enemy captain lashes out striking Quiz, then shifts and strikes again – missing.

The remaining Hexer responds with fury, hexing Bulwark, Kriv, Gungün & Mevra.

Quiz pops up, shifts and attacks the captain again – but misses. Gungün charges the captain, and strikes him mightily. Glespo shifts into elf form, then uses his tide attack. He crits the sailor, and hits the captain. Mevra follows, weakening the captain and healing Quiz. Kriv attacks with a mighty spell, striking a sailor and bloodying him as well as hitting the captain.

The sailors respond, but both miss. The Gorgon’s captain tries to move, but Glespo’s spell knocks him prone and interrupts his action. The captain stands up and tries to attack Quiz, but misses. The captain then shifts two and swings at Quiz again, striking her and shifting yet again. The Hexer attacks, missing Bulwark, but Gungün takes damage and is knocked prone.

Quiz moves, provoking an attack of opportunity – but the sailor misses. She engages the captain – lashing out at him and hitting him with her booming blade – bloodying him. Gungün stands, and then charges the captain, lashing out and damaging him further. Glespo also attacks the captain, dazing him. Mevra follows up with a beacon of hope, weakening both sailors and granting hit points to nearby allies. Glepso provokes an attack of opportunity from the sailor, then fires an earthgrasp strike on the captain – critting him. The captain is damaged, and knocked prone.

But again the boat shifts beneath the party, and Kriv & Bulwark fall to the ground.

Kriv targets the captain with his new super ability – but misses. The sailors respond, but both miss. The captain suddenly shouts “parley” and surrenders. Quiz asks for his name, he’s Samuel. She then asks for Claude’s crown. A lengthy interview ensues. Samuel doesn’t have the crown, he gave it to his leader. To reach the leader we’d have to take the Gorgon to the pirate’s island…a risky gambit indeed. As they loot their foes, they ponder what to do next.

The Cleansing

Bulwark is running. Mevra was down, everyone else scattered. Didn’t have any choice. Covered Kriv’s escape. Trying to catch up to Kriv. Bulwark is running. Kriv is running as fast as his clawed feet can carry him. He hears crashing in the woods behind him and this spurs him on to move faster. He comes to a clearing that is actually a cliff drop off into a stream below. Kriv moves back into the woods and tries to hide in the forest. Just as he gets hidden he sees Bulwark charging past. Kriv steps out and snaps a branch. This seems to just drive Bulwark to move faster. Kriv calls out to Bulwark and the construct halts in its tracks.

Bulwark and Kriv rest for a bit, wary of anything following behind, and begin to move East to try to make it back to the main road, and hopefully find the rest of the group. Glespo appears in their path. He immediately makes amends for fleeing the battle so early. “It’s all my fault, I just don’t understand how they found us. I must have revealed myself while I was scouting. I just don’t understand how.” Glespo leads Bulwark and Kriv to meet up with Quiz and GunGun. Everyone is fairly upset with Glespo, but he seems to be taking it hard on himself as well.

The decision is to head back to the camp site as soon as possible. Now that the heroes are regrouped, they should be able to handle whatever is left of the ambush force. Once they reach the clearing, it is empty except for the dead. The heroes retrieve Mevra’s body. But it’s missing it’s head. Glespo suddenly falls to the ground and appears to be in the thro’s of a bad dream. This is not the first time it’s happened apparently. Glespo eventually recovers and says he saw the ambushers bring the head of Mevra to the Commander and present it as a trophy. And that the Commander had ordered some of his men to head north and prepare horse’s for a withdrawal from the grove.

The heroes decide to ambush the guards. The group quickly heads north and finds the clearing. There are several horses tied down near a stream and no signs of anyone yet. They quickly find ambush positions with Kriv and Bulwark to one side, Glespo positioned near the horses, and Quiz and GunGun on the other side of the clearing. The guards eventually show up, and Bulwark waits until they are in position before charging out. Even with the surprise Bulwark quickly gets overwhelmed and taken out early, but the construct held just long enough for the rest of the group to clean up the guards. During the fight the horses broke loose, and thus afterward, Glespo went into the forest and rounded them up.

Using the horses, the group heads south towards the falls that overlook the grove clearing. Leaving the horses on the side of the river bank, the heroes ford across with GunGun doing an impressive leap to clear the river with one of the rope, leaving Bulwark to hold the other so that the others can use it to ford across. Once everyone was across, Bulwark walks across under the water fighting the current.

The heroes find an opening on the West side of the grove and run down the side to the south to get a clear line of sight on the cave opening. Expecting incoming fire, but strangely nothing happens. The heroes rest up for the coming battle, while keeping watch for possible attack. After resting, the heroes cautiously approach the cave entrance expecting ranged attacks that never materialize. At some point they see the Head of Mevra being throw out of the cave, and it sinks into the water below the waterfall. They creep up the rock face to the entrance. It’s rough going due to the moss covering the rocks.

Once under the waterfall, Bulwark takes lead and moves up the side of the tunnel. As soon as the Commander sees Bulwark, the enemy attacks. Bulwark moves up to the fore, and Glespo lays down a wall of thorns across the tunnel. This quickly hampers the enemy from converging on the heroes, and allows them to maneuver and take on the attacks as they come in. There are packs of flying attackers that come up and over the wall, while Bulwark takes on the Commander. The Commander smashes at Bulwark during the fight and vows to leave him dead. Bulwark uses everything at his disposal to stay up, be drops to the ground. Just as the Commander believes him down Bulwark manages to pick himself up and renews the attack. Quiz moves around corralling anything that comes over/thru the wall, while Kriv, Glespo, and GunGun take them down. Eventually the Commander is the only thing left, and decides to leave Bulwark alone and charges across the room at Quiz and Kriv. GunGun gets a chance to get in some Huge attacks. Bulwarks, not taking the time to heal up, decides to charge in, hitting the Commander and giving everyone a better chance to do more damage. The Commander turns around and smacks Bulwark enough to finally take the construct out of the fight for good.

GunGun and the rest are able to finish off the commander. Once Bulwark is recovered, he heads out to recover the Head of Mevra from the bottom of the falls pool. Glespo looks over the cauldron and can get a sense of the forest and everything in it. He gets a feeling that the grove wants him to stay, and if he does that he will become more attuned with the forest. He also gets a sense of the history of the Grove.

The group decides to head back toward town, carrying the remains of Mevra with them. It’s possible that they can find a means to revive their lost comrade.

The Bandit Camp

Our heroes rested outside the caves and assessed the situation. To rest up or to venture forth back into the tunnels before the raiders discover that their party is not coming back? They decide to reenter the tunnels and to the fight to the raider main camp before the raiders can discover that any problem exists.

Once the heroes neared the main camp, they stopped to discuss the strategy. The Heroes ordered themselves to appear like the returning raiding party. And then proceeded to advance forward into the camp.

Bulwark, clearly misunderstanding the concept, charged toward the camp as soon as it came into sight. The intent was to get as far as possible into the camp before attacking.

Bulwark was immediately set upon by two charging Minotaur’s and knocked down. Flanking rogues charged into the party from behind and couple more warriors engaged from the front. Three caster types stayed back and started to lay in some area effect spells.

Bulwark gets back up from the deck, and plants his feet. He immediately returns the favor of knocking one then the other Minotaur down and sets about holding his position.

One of the raider warriors decides to help take down the Construct that had entered their camp. Quiz quickly falls back to the party and helps keep the warriors and rogues from attacking Kriv and Mevra as much as possible. Glespo does his best dog impersonation and attacks the flanking rogues furiously, rending with claws and teeth.

Bulwark being the most visible and up front takes the brunt of the attack from the ranged casters, and the warriors and minotaur’s throwing in their lot as well. Bulwark is pounded quickly but seems to just get back up everytime they think they have him beat down. Mevra in the back of the group steps up each time to lay in the timely heal that lets Bulwark take the pounding.

With so much of their attention focused on Bulwark, the rest of the heroes are able to smash down the attacking rogues and warriors and break free to run wide around the pillars to engage the casters. They quickly fall to the combined attacks of Glespo and GunGun! Glespo throws down a concealing wall of thorns around Bulwark that completely envelopes the raiders as well. All that can be seen above the bushes is the Ancient Heroes Standard that Bulwark planted at some point as a form of Defiance to the raiders.

Soon the Heroes are able to help take down the raiders surrounding Bulwark. Bulwark steps clear of the carnage and raising the ancient standard gives out a triumphant yell that sounds like grinding gears as it echoes in the cavern.


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