Recap of the 12/4/09 game

The 4th day of the 12st month of the Season of Light

Headmaster Bastion, Chosen of Azureen:

As you know, we have been investigating a cave system which likely contains the main camp for some of the creatures which have been causing problems in the area. We have entered through a less-used entrance, and after a battle, both Glespo and Mevra picked up the trail. We move cautiously into a larger path, where Glespo sees minotaur and bugbear tracks. Perhaps also longtooth. Boots as well.

It appears this is the main way – and soon we hear footsteps from behind. We rapidly hide in two side passages, dim light is approaching. Perhaps bugbears?

It turns out to be 2 bugbears, 3 shifters, and 2 orcs. Battle is joined.

Glespo puts up a wall of thorns to impede their progress, and have them take some damage. As noted previously, the thorns are nasty things, lots of little barbs, which continue to tear and rend until they are ripped out.

Bulwark attracts a crowd, which he does well. For my part I am charged and knocked prone. However I am well prepared, my acrobat boots allow me to quickly return to battle, move, and attack quickly. The bugbear was not prepared for that!

Of note is that weapons which the orcs used. I have not seen their like before, and I think that training vs. this technique would be of use. They effectively used chained battle axes which gave them huge reach, over twice that of a halberd! They were well trained in their use, staying at reasonable range, and inflicting damage were they saw fit. Truly it was a joy to watch them in action.

It would have been interesting to train with their instructor; alas we are opposed, and so they must go.

I wasn’t paying full attention, rather busy at the time, but I’m pretty sure Kriv did something useless.

Bulwark continued drawing huge notice; A shifter smacks him around, and he bashes the shifter with his shield knocking the foe to the ground. Mevra reacts, healing Bulwark and fortifying the rest of us!

We focus on these orcs due to the danger they pose. Kriv drops some horrible mind spell on one, he screams in agony and claws at his head. I don’t know what that spell was, but it must have been nasty! Glespo follows up with a terrific rend, dropping the one orc; He then charges at another.

One of the bugbears rages, and then flails around knocking everybody, including his friends, prone! This bugbear can’t handle the combination of stars from Kriv and grasping roots from Glespo.

The three shifters are quickly handled. Kriv drops one with perfectly placed stars; Bulwark kills the second. On tries to flee, which would certainly be a problem, but he is hit by a lightning bolt from Kriv, and Glespo catches him, bites him, and he falls.

You will be happy to hear I was relatively effective in this fight. I used my booming blade to maintain positioning, and even dropped a bug bear with that technique. I was able to flare my warding and prevent some of the damage Bulwark was taking, and used a personal teleport and a charge to track down the other orc, who was fleeing. All in all a good fight for me.

We quickly hide the bodies and proceed on down the main trail. Ahead, Glespo finds and scouts the main camp. They are unaware that they have been found. We then follow the main track back out of the cave system, and spot smoke in the distance. The raiding group we handled must have been returning from ill deeds.

Well, we know where the main camp is, and although we are not fully rested nor at full power, there is no time better than the present to teach a lesson.

As always, your student,


Recap of the 11/12/09 game

The team has made it to town, and is talking to the mayor – who turns out to be an older elf. The good news is that she has an idea of where the bandit camp is. And she may have a way to reach them without being seen. There are a series of caves and foothills nearby. She thinks they are in the caves. She also lets us know that there is a secret, secure exit from the town located out by the caves.

From there, the team decides to interrogate the captured Dragonborn raider, but he isn’t awake yet, so they turn in for the night. The evening passes uneventfully. In the morning, the team heads to see if the Dragonborn is awake yet. The raider is awake, and doesn’t respond to our first (somewhat tentative) questions. So Bulwark kicks down the door, and Kriv steps in to “discuss” things with the raider. That gets the Dragonborn’s attention.

With Kriv standing over him, the raider starts to talk, but at first we don’t get a lot of meaningful information. But eventually we find out who the raider’s “boss” is – Joseph. Their camp is about an hour’s ride from where they ambushed us. There may be 15 people total at the camp, divided among two teams. After pushing him hard, eventually we get to the point where he’s so scared; he’s willing to tell us anything to leave us alone.

So we back off and keep talking, and find out a little more – they mostly stage ambushes on the road we were on, trying to break up trade. They take the goods to Joseph and he deals with them in a variety of ways.

After we find a blacksmith to fix the cell door (not that the thoroughly intimidated raider is going anywhere…), we return to the mayor and then get ready to go. She introduces us to our guide, an older human. The guide takes us to the tunnel entrance, in a castle in the middle of town. After walking through a miles long series of tunnels, we finally come to a rock formation. Our guide depresses a series of pressure points, and the rocks move out of the way. He warns us that it is a one-way exit, we can’t come back this way. We’ll have to come back over-land. (At this point we briefly regret leaving our horses behind, but being the heroes we are, we “buck up” and carry on.)

We exit the tunnel, and Glespo quickly identifies the path we should follow. When we get to the cave, we don’t see signs of humans, but there are humanoid tracks. Forewarned, the team moves in carefully. It doesn’t feel like a huge warren of caves, just a smaller set. From the lay of the land, we worry that the monsters are between us and what we need to get to. As we progress through the caves, we turn onto a path, and it is clear we’re headed straight towards the monsters. And we start smelling a really horrible smell. Glespo identifies the smell as troglodytes. We know they emit a horrible, debilitating smell. They can use their poisonous bite (that prevents healing), claw attacks as well as basic weapons (javelins, spears, clubs…).

As we enter a cave, we see one crazed trog, three trogs wielding clubs, and two trogs in cover with spears and javelins.

Glespo opens the engagement by firing a powerful spell – striking and slowing the crazed trog. The club wielding trogs follow up by swarming the party.

But Quiz isn’t intimidated and attacks the club trogs in return, striking one with her sword. Meanwhile, Bulwark calls forth an abundance of plants, granting the party cover against the javelin trogs. The javelin trogs step up and try to attack anyway. One javelin manages to hit Glespo, and staples him to the ground. Entering the fray, Kriv fires a powerful spell at the crazed trog, knocking it down and slowing it again.

Glespo then fires a “grasping tide” at the crazed trog, hitting it yet again. The club trogs respond by pounding on the party. One pummels Bulwark, and then bites him. And another follows up and does the same. The third hits Quiz.

In response, Quiz shifts her mark and performs a booming blade against a nearby trog, smiting it mightily. Inspired again, Bulwark strikes a club trog, pushing it away. The javelin trogs respond with powerful throws, hitting Gungün. Retaliating, Kriv fires a blazing starfall at the crazed trog, striking it. Not to be outdone, Mevra smites a club trog, and grants Glespo a saving throw – which he uses to free himself from the javelin holding him in place.

The crazed trog tries to charge, but is knocked down by Glespo’s spell, allowing the mighty heroes more time to soften up the club trogs. A club trog hits Gungün, but Quiz manages to deflect some of the damage. Quiz tries to follow up and attack a trog. And even though she misses, the target is now vulnerable to cold, while the party now resists cold. Taking advantage of this, Bulwark follows up with a cold attack against a trog, hitting it and causing damage to nearby trogs.

Meanwhile, the javelin trogs throw at Gungün again, hitting him. Kriv throws an area spell, blasting the club trogs engaged with the party. He bloodies a trog, kills another and hits his ally, Quiz. Fortunately Quiz is able to shrug off some of the damage.

Mevra moves into the middle of the pack, heals Bulwark, then fires a spell that gives all allies temp HP, and hits two of the enemies – lowering their defenses. Meanwhile, Gungün hits the club trog in front of him yet again.

Finally free to move, the crazed trog charges the priest, but misses. Not to be outdone, Glespo charges one of the javelin trogs, smiting him down with his god’s wrath. Quiz follows up and attacks the crazed trog, slashing it with her mighty sword.

Meanwhile, Bulwark attacks the trog by him, hitting it. Mevra heals Gungün, but misses a trog with his attack. Gungün then charges the crazed trog, almost gutting it with his halberd. The crazed trog responds by clawing mightily at Gungün, slashing him open.

Glespo follows up with a powerful bite on the javelin trog in front of him. Quiz is inspired, and hits the crazed trog with her sword, killing it. Meanwhile, a trog throws a javelin at Gungün, hitting him. In return, Gungün hits a nearby club trog further weakening it. Mevra also strikes a club trog, and gives Gungün temp HP.

Gungün uses the opportunity to charge a javelin trog, smiting it. Glespo moves away from the javelin trog, provoking an attack, and then charges him – crushing it with a critical blow.

Bulwark strikes his club trog, knocking it prone. Meanwhile, a javelin trog stabs Quiz with his spear, bloodying her.

Mevra fires on a javelin trog, hitting it and bolstering the bloodied Quiz with a few temp hit points. Glespo charges the same trog, hitting it and bloodying it. Finally, Quiz unleashes a booming blade on the same trog and scores a critical hit with her powerful blade, killing the trog.

At this point there is only one trog left, on the ground. Kriv whips a spell at the prone club trog, hitting it. Mevra follows up with a spell of his own, killing it.

After the battle, the team rests for five minutes before delving further. After resting we explore the cave we are in. The giant cave appears to be their den, with bones, garbage piles and nests scattered around. At the back of the cavern there are two tunnels leading out. One is clearly used frequently by the trogs, while the other isn’t. At the second one there are two bodies – one trog and one human in hide armor. It looks like there was a bigger skirmish, and the two bodies are relatively fresh.

Quiz and Kriv examine the armor and discover it is snake fang hide armor +2. (Resist 5 poison. Immediate reaction, enemy takes ongoing damage.) Bulwark takes the new armor, and puts his old hide armor in the party pool.

Their work in this cave apparently done, the team now has to decide what path to take next. What will they choose?

Archival Log 10/22/09

Archival Log Event Start Date: 10222009.800 Battle Group: Omega-13 Designated Unit: Bulwark

Battle Group returned from mission (Mission Report:Status:Success, Loss of 1 unit from Battle Group, file reference: Torgak, Status: KIA).

After reporting results to Group Officer (file reference: Twelven, Status: Active), units decided to go to the local R&R facility (language reference: (1) “Bar” (2) “Watering Hole”).

At the facility two former members of Battle Group reestablished contact (file reference: Seltzer, Status: inActive)(file reference: Glespo, Status: inActive). Unit Seltzer plays several ballads to visiting units to facility. One ballad detailed events involving former unit “two silver” (file reference: Rolan Windwood, Status: KIA).

Unit Seltzer requested to meet with current members of Battle Group located within confines of R&R facility to meet at upstairs room.

After exchanging pleasantry protocols, Unit Seltzer described a mission with parameters involving possible recovery of lost property designated “Crown of the sea”.

Property was being delivered via sea transport (file reference: Storms Arrow, Vessel Type: Ship) to a currier in the receiving port (map reference: Tesla).

Unit Currier never delivered designated property to final destination (file reference: Brotherhood, Assoc Type: notDefined).

Further mission parameter materials were to be delivered to Unit Twelven by next morning.

Upon leaving facility and delivering fellow Unit (file reference: Nals, Status: Active, State: Unconscious) to designated quarters, shutdown for rest period.

Startup Procedures complete.

Reporting to Unit Twelven’s Office. Mission parameter materials were delivered as scheduled by Unit Seltzer.

Unit Nals, Unit Serator, and Unit Arkosys removed from Battle Groups Roster (Unit::Status Changed: inactive).

Due to mission completion ratio and battle group tactical training, additional Units add to Battle Group Roster to bring back up to full status.

Unit Glespo status changed to Active. File Reference = (Unit, Race, Class, Status) { MeVra_kri, Human, Cleric, Active, GunGun, Half-Orc, Barbarian, Active, Kriv, Dragonborn, Sorcerer, Active, } Entry Warning: Unit:GunGun Race: Half-Orc – Error (Ignore, Continue, Stop) Command Override Granted (Ignore)

Battle Group arrives at designated Port Slip to board transportation to Tesla.

During transit, Group is able to retrieve valuable information regarding geo-political status of Tesla and surrounding Cassian City-States (Current State: Chaotic)

Once arrival in Tesla Port completed, Battle Group egresses to slip and proceeds to place queries with Unit Dock Official.

Unit Dock Official specifies query related fees. Unit Quiz attempts to barter in regards to query fees.

Unit Dock Official specifies location marker for Vessel designated “Storms arrow”.

Battle Group approaches designated location marker and encounters two guards set at boarding ramp of Vessel.

Unit Quiz queries guards as to location of Unit Captain. Guards are non-responsive but eventually give up possible location markers for R&R facilities Unit Captain might be at.

Local R&R facility located. Battle Group enters facility to find further location markers for Unit Captain of Vessel Storms Arrow.

Unit Quiz approaches Unit facility manager and makes queries to location of Unit Captain. During course of queries, facility visitor member stands up and states Unit designation as Captain of Vessel Storms Arrow. Unit Quiz queries Unit Captain to determine transit record for property “Crown of the sea”. Unit Captain responds False to queries. Unit Quiz thinks response was in error and queries Unit Captain again. Unit Captain responds False again. Unit Captains state changes to Agitated. Possible change state due to repeated queries since giving False response. Unit Captain issues Challenge statement then commences to engage hostile act against Unit Quiz.

Battle Mode(Active). Shield and Weapon brought to Active State. Blocking State of facility exit achieved. Unit Kriv switches to Battle Mode state and physically engages Unit Captain. (Alert: Class Sorcerer in Melee State). Facility visitor members group reclassified as Enemy, member of Vessel Crew Battle Group. Vessel crew go to Battle Mode and move to surround Unit Kriv. (Alert: Unit Kriv Surrounded). Unit GunGun receives Command Override to attack Ally. Unit GunGun unable to resist. Enemy Unit designated and threat priority upgraded. Unit Glespo changes to Animal Mode (Designation Changed(Sparky)). Unit Sparky charges and latches to designated Enemy Unit and proceeds to deliver excessive damage. Unit GunGun charges Unit Mevra and misses. Unit GunGun is able to overcome Command Override. (Alert: Blue on Blue event recorded). Unit MeVra gives out Heals and upgrades during combat. Unit Bulwark charges nearest Vessel Crew Group member and delivers devastating strike. Unit Sparky and Unit GunGun proceed to apply force multipliers to Marked Enemy Unit and keep unit from issue Command Overrides. Unit Sparky repeatedly disengages and reengages target with effect. (Unit Sparky recorded effective level upgraded since previous recorded action). Unit Kriv uses teleportation ability and switches to Ranged State. (Alert Cleared: Class Sorcerer in Melee State). Unit Quiz and Unit Bulwark maneuver and use effective crowd control techniques to damage and harass multiple targets. Unit Captain focuses on Unit Quiz and continues to attack. Vessel Crew member removed from Vessel Crew Battle Group. (Status::Change(KIA)). Marked Enemy Unit issues Surrender Status. (Alert: Command Override, determined to be False). Marked Enemy Unit removed from Vessel Crew Battle Group. (Status::Change(KIA)). Unit Captain Issues Command Override to Vessel Crew Battle Group to leave Battle Mode. Battle Mode(inActive). Shield and Weapon to Standby State.

Unit Quiz and Unit Captain discuss recent Battle Event and reissues queries as related to property transit.

Turns out Unit Captain gave orders to designated Enemy Unit to deal with property and thus has no further specifics on current property location.

The fall of Torgak

Headmaster Bastion, Chosen of Azureen:

We descend steps into darkness hoping to find and end the source of the corruption. As I wrote to you previously, the feywild is intruding upon our realm, not in a transient way, but more permanent. And growing.

Below the ruins is a large open space, in the center of which is an altar. Mutilated bodies surround it, clearly used as sacrifice to this evil end. On the altar is Belin, a hero which we met before, and was in the group which was sent to investigate before us. An evil dagger protrudes from her chest. We can’t leave her there, and it is clear that we must disrupt this ceremony to break the spell and return this land to normal.

I warn the group of my intentions, and head towards the altar. Before I can get too close eight enemies (because they can be no other, not here) step out of the shadows. Their leader mouths words taunting us; clearly intending to add our blood to what he has already wrought. Much more blood and death here and I fear the spell will be permanent.

The leader is an eladrin, he lurks behind the altar. There are four other eladrin, all crazed, two gnomes, and a shader-kai chain fighter. The crazed eladrin charge in as the gnomes cast spells at us from range. Torgak is dazed, but he rages and knocks an eladrin down and takes a swipe at him.

Deftly I charge into the fray, vaulting over the altar and engaging the leader. I had hoped that the rest of the party would fare ok and tried to keep the leader from causing problems.

The other major problem would be the Shader-kai, his chain, and his mobility. He starts a maneuver which looks to be very dangerous, he is fast and that chain has great reach. Bulwark puts and end to this for now, knocking the chain fighter prone. This area of the battle soon comes under control, Arkosys, Serator, and Bulwark work with cold and greasy zones, knocking enemies prone, and luring them with hypnotic patterns. The enemies have difficulty working in this area, and we damage them rapidly – Nals blasts and deafens them.

The shader-kai teleports out of the bad zones, but is still prone, and has trouble gaining his feat effectively. We are worried about him and focus a great deal of effort in dropping him as fast as we can. Two eladrin are dropped, cold damage doing the filling blow, and Serator drops the chain fighter with a well timed blast.

The crazed eladrin are annoying, especially their blast of corruption they spew. It does damage and also immobilizes us; this is especially a problem for the barbarian. He wants to be ranging over the battle charging here and there smashing into things. Torgak is dazed, blinded, and immobilized, and in close combat he takes large amounts of damage. As it turns out I didn’t do well in protecting him.

The gnome spell casters are even more annoying, especially since we just didn’t have the resources to pick them up and keep them busy. At first this didn’t seem a problem as they weren’t very effective at the start. This changed and they got a better hold of the battle. They continued to daze us, and do psychic damage.

I try to engage the leader, but he freezes me in place on the altar. I reach down to Belin’s chest and drag the dagger from her. The dagger is evil; my mind was filled with images of death and destruction. And I liked it!! I want to taste the blood. I try to smash the evil thing on the altar, but am unable to create enough force, so I toss it away from the battle. Perhaps this will give us more time.

I am not very effective against the leader, continually missing, getting dazed and frozen. But I do hold his attention, and take little damage from him, so he cannot do anything to the rest of the party. In that I was successful.

Arkosys joins the battle with the leader with me, moving him into position near me, but I still have trouble getting any solid hits on the leader, who mocks me the whole time. Serator and Bulwark join in, and we finally close his options down. As the leader has to pay more attention to us all around him, I find an opening, a clean shot and drop him.

We still have two eladrin and the gnomes. Torgak is trying to handle one gnome, but gains the attention of the other as well. They double team him, and he yells as if someone had driven blades into his very brain. Even though Torgak is dealing huge amounts of damage, it isn’t enough, and he takes huge hits and doesn’t stop. I don’t know where he found the strength, he seemed to be on the edge of falling over and over! But then he finally takes too much, and falls.

Nals blasts away and drops both remaining Eladrin. The little guy may be annoying, but when we needed his spells to work well, they did.

I cannot reach Torgak and tend to him, so I engage one of the gnomes. He tried to hit me, and I flare my warding, freezing him, but he doesn’t fall. Nals fires off a bolt of chaos, which hits the gnome, and drops him, it bounces and hits the other gnome.

Then it bounces twice more and hits both Arkosys and myself. Ouch!!

Arkosys tries to tend to Torgak, but he dies like he lived. Swiftly. The bleeding could not be stopped or contained. He passes this world, but will not be forgotten. Arkosys drops the last gnome, and the battle ends in sadness.

I quickly take up the dagger and smash it. And just like that the feywild is gone, as is all the bodies, including Torgak’s. Our guide, the uncle, is now insane. His trip into the feywild and all that he endured has broken him. He, at least, we bring back.

Back in town there is a great feast, and we are given gifts of thanks: a music box which plays an old elven lullaby; a beautifully carved elven maiden; a golden elk tankard; and magic armbands of power.

In the morning we return to Gao, and make our report to Twelven.

A horrible incursion stopped. Great cost, two entire groups sacrificed. One of our own lost.


As always, your student, Quiz

Recap of the 10/1/09 game

Once the party is back in Gao, they restock on supplies and relax during the evening. The next morning they meet with Twelvin, and (surprise) he has a new job for them. Evidently a large Feywild incursion has appeared near the small town of Oak Glenn. First a group of soldiers were dispatched, but they didn’t return. So the guild dispatched a team from the guild. But they didn’t come back. So now they want us to go and find out what happened.

The party gets a chit to travel with the teamsters, and hops a ride to Oak Glenn. Once they arrive, the bartender gives them a quick overview of the situation and then goes to get the mayor. The mayor arrives to discuss the problem further, and then they summon a scout to lead us to the incursion. The scout (Tros) arrives, and the party heads south towards the incursion. After an hour, things start to feel weird, and we all start seeing things. Shortly after that, as Tros is scouting ahead, he shouts “Gar” (his uncle, who was the scout for the previous group), and then we hear a scream.

The party rushes forward, and finds a small glenn, with Tros laying on top of Gar…surrounded by giant mushrooms. Several party members recognize them as Miconoids… Combat ensues.

Bulwark charges a mushroom with a shield strike, hitting it soundly. The Miconoid responds, but misses. Then a sovereign releases a burst of spores at Bulwark, and hits him.

Nals targets a guard, and strikes it with magical energy, while Torgak charges the priest and smites him. Likewise, Quiz strikes the guard in front of him, and releases a lightning bolt that strikes other enemies. Then Serator steps up and casts hypnotic pattern in the middle of the enemies.

The guards make their move. The first one is distracted by the hypnotic pattern, and moves closer to it. Another releases spores at Quiz & Arcosis, hitting both. The final one hits Torgak with its spores as well.

When the sovereigns begin to move, both are drawn to the hypnotic pattern as well. Then one attacks Torgak, hitting him with a headbutt. The other attacks Torgak and misses. Finally, the priest is also drawn into the hypnotic pattern and then turns and strikes Torgak with his staff.

Nals releases an area effect spell – striking a sovereign and a guard – bloodying the guard. Torgak retreats to safety and Quiz tries to get rid of the effect of the spores. Serator does a scorching burst in the middle of the enemies, striking a sovereign, the priest, and a guard. He then takes another action, casting Icy Terrain on the same square, hitting the sovereign, the priest, and the guard again.

Arcosis heals the barbarian and steps away from the guard mushroom. Bulwark moves, and his hit by a guard he passes. But then Bulwark attacks a sovereign, striking it. He then attacks the enemies around him hitting the priest and killing it. The priest explodes, healing a nearby mushroom.

A guard charges Quiz, striking him. Another charges Serator, but Serator’s shield saves him. A sovereign explodes, but misses Bulwark, while another hits him.

Nals throws a chaos bolt, and hits – bloodying his target. Serator casts phantom bolt, striking his target. Arcosis steps up and flanks an enemy, so Quiz can attack with flanking. Arcosis then attacks himself, hitting the mushroom and killing it. Bulwark attacks his enemy with his thorn strike, killing it.

One of the remaining guards hits Nals, while the other strikes Quiz. A sovereign releases spores at Bulwark and Torgak, but misses.

Nals responds with another spell, damaging another mushroom, while Torgak charges a guard and kills it. Serator fires another phantom bolt at a sovereign, striking it and sliding it against Bulwark. Quiz does a booming blade against a guard, striking it. Arcosis also strikes at the guard, striking it and killing it.

The prone guard next to Bulwark explodes, but misses.

Torgak charges the last mushroom, striking it. Arcosis attacks it as well, killing it.

After the battle, the team talks to Tros and his Uncle. His uncle was captured by a group led by an Eladrin. He was sent to get help, but was ambushed. He also says that the soldiers were all dead. He says he can lead us to them. But he insists that Tros returns to town. The team agrees, and sends Tros back to town.

Gar is now leading us, and things continue to get stranger. We need to get to the tower and defeat the guardian (the Eladrin).

After about an hour of moving south, he approaches us and lets us know the Eladrin are waiting for us. He’s not sure how they knew about us.

The group decides to charge the tower, using rubble as cover to avoid the archers. As we attack, we see Eladrin, but they look warped – they have grey skin, with black veins, and red eyes. They have armor and long swords. Two soldiers and the guardian approach, while the archers start firing hitting Quiz, Nals and Serator.

Torgak charges the guardian and unleashes his rage. Serator fires a spell at the nearest soldier, immobilizing him. Meanwhile, Arcosis stands and casts song of courage. Nals fires magic into the fray, critically striking one of the soldiers. Quiz stands up and runs towards the enemy.

The immobilized soldier emits a wave of chaotic energy, striking Bulwark. The other soldier hits Torgak, and the guardian hits Torgak and restrains him.

An archer hits Serator, while the other fires and hits Quiz.

Torgak lashes out at the guardian, hitting him and gaining temporary hit points. Bulwark strikes the downed soldier in front of him and pushes him. Serator attacks the guardian, striking him. He then releases a storm pillar. Arcosis retreats behind the storm pillar, and then fires a spell at the guardian, striking him and bloodying him. He then fires at a nearby soldier, striking it too.

Nals fires at the same soldier, and hits critically. Quiz moves up to the archer, marks him and charges – striking him.

One of the soldiers sprays chaos at Bulwark again, striking him. The other soldier hits Torgak.

An archer fires out at Torgak, pincushioning him. Torgak responds by charging the guardian and smiting him with his axe. Meanwhile, Bulwark hits a soldier and knocks him prone. Serator attacks the downed soldier, striking him. He then fires a phantom bolt against the same soldier, striking him and sliding him a square. Arcosis attacks the guardian, hitting him and killing him. Nals fires a chaos bolt at a soldier, hitting him and killing him. Quiz chases down an archer, and hits it.

An archer fires at Torgak, knocking him prone. Meanwhile, the other archer hits Nals too.

Torgak charges the downed soldier, striking it and bloodying it. Bulwark strikes the same soldier, smiting it. Meanwhile, Serator moves up so he can engage the archers.

The archers respond, shooting at Arcosis and Quiz, but not doing any damage. Serator responds by firing at the last soldier, striking him and killing him. Meanwhile, Arcosis smites an archer and bloodies him. Nals uses a frost spell, striking the same archer. Inspired, Quiz uses booming blade to strike the same archer and kill him.

The last archer lashes out at Torgak and hits him and knocks him prone. Torgak gets up and uses his second wind. Serator responds with an Icy Terrain around the archer. Quiz attacks the same archer with booming blade, wounding it.

The archer drops his bow and attacks Quiz, but misses.

Torgak charges the archer and hits him and bloodies him. Bulwark joins Torgak, and hits the archer with his sword. Arcosis strikes the last archer, killing it.

After the fierce battle the heroes rest, and then move forward to investigate the ruins.

Team roster: Torgak – Barbarian Nals – sorcerer Arcosis – Bard Quiz – Sword mage Bulwark – warden Serator – Wizard

Latest addition to Torgak’s tribal chant

We find ourselves in a tunnel, ahead there is a faint sickly glow. We slowly move down the tunnel, it spills into an open cave that has been hewn from the rock. It is quite tall, probably 200 feet tall. In the center there is a large sphere casting a red light approx 120 feet above the room. We think it is a permanent light spell. All along the walls is a city carved into the walls, clearly carved by Duegar. We also see that the upper levels are teeming with kobolds, waiting for us. At the end of the room is a large opening.

As we enter, the kobolds start booing and chanting. Serator cautions us to not stay together, the dragon’s breath weapon could hit us all with one blast if we’re not careful. After a short time, two armored kobolds appear – there’s a cheer and the shouting gets louder as the dragon walks in. He demands to know who is invading. We state that we are emissaries of the Enchantress. He scoffs at that, and points out we attacked his guards first – and emissaries should be peaceful. Then the discussion goes briefly to the Necromancer. Next, Serator speaks well on the part of the Lich Queen. The dragon claims the alliance is unequal. Serator asks how we could equalize the alliance. But the dragon demands to know what we offer. Arcosis recovers and brings up the other dead emissaries and points out they couldn’t bring back demands as they were dead, but that didn’t help. He also reiterates that the Necromancer is not a threat.

The conversation turns to the encroachments on his territory and that he wanted to be deemed equal to her. Then he points out that we come and kill his guards, invade his space and demand an audience. We apologize profusely for killing his guards – Bulwark even moves forward one square and kneels in apologies. This fails as well, the dragon demands Bulwark’s head as price to leave.

After further dickering, Bulwark attacks. The dragon rushes forward into the fray, striking him with a double claw attack. Dalaan steps up and curses the dragon, and fires an eyebite at him striking him for psychic damage. Serator fires a bolt at the dragon, blasting it. Torgak charges it, smiting it with his axe. Quiz follows, charging as well – slicing into the beast’s hide. Arcosis casts vigorous cadence on the dragon, striking it and helping the party as well. He then casts stirring shout on it, critically striking it and further helping the party and then heals Bulwark.

The kobold guards move up in a fury.

Bulwark moves forward and attacks twice, hitting it twice for agonizing damage. Nals is inspired and blasts out at the dragon kin kobold, afflicting it with fire.

The dragon is prone, but unleashes a mighty roar, frightening both Torgak and Quiz. The dragon then breathes on Dalaan and Torgak.

Dalaan curses a dragon kin kobold. Arcosis casts dire radiance at a dragon kin kobold, wounding it. Serator hypnotizes a dragon kin, keeping it at bay.

One dragon kin continues to approach, meanwhile the other attacks Bulwark but misses!

Bulwark responds by stabbing the Dragon, inflicting even damage on the dragon.

The Dragon breathes on Quiz next, then Torgak.

Dalaan blasts the dragon with an eyebite. Meanwhile, Serator lashes out with a spell hitting a dragon kin kobold.

Quiz attacks, lacerating the dragon (and recovering hit points) – he also grants fire immunity to most of the party. Unfortunately she receives ongoing fire damage in retaliation. Arcosis casts canon of avoidance on Bulwark, improving his defenses.

The dragon kin aren’t happy about this turn of events, and attack viciously. Fortunately they both miss their targets.

Not impressed by the dragon kin, Bulwark shifts to the side and tries to hit one, but its armor fends off his sword. Nals casts a chaos bolt on the dragon, blasting the wretched beast and it arcs to hit a dragon kin kobold. He follows up with another spell, inflicting even more pain.

Annoyed, the dragon claws Quiz striking her soundly.

Dalaan lashes out, critically striking a dragon kin. Meanwhile Serator fires a phantasmal bolt at a dragon kin kobold, inflicting damage and sliding it. Serator follows up with icy terrain, knocking a dragon kin kobold prone.

A dragon kin lashes out at Bulwark, striking him. Bulwark responds, striking the kobold in turn.

The dragon breathes fire again, hitting Quiz. Nals teleports away and responds with a spell, striking the dragon soundly.

Dalaan blasts the other dragon kin with his eyebite, bloodying it. Meanwhile, Torgak charges the dragon again, striking it soundly and bloodying it.

The dragon flames Quiz, and then screams “Enough”. Nals starts negotiation, but is cut off by the Bard who says the conflict has to be stopped. The dragon points out that he just wants his land rights to be respected. Serator summons the Lich with the crystal. She is pleased that the dragon is not dead, and they enter negotiations.

The dragon comes back, and says that a truce is negotiated. He also says he will reward us for our valor.

First, a heavy shield of recoil – Bulwark Second, a set of cloth armor. Repulsion cloth armor +2. Tentatively going to Nals Third, boots of free movement – Bard Fourth, a long sword Vanguard. +2 – Bulwark. Fifth – hands Serator a little toy soldier – a phantom soldier

As the we turn to leave, the Dragon offers one more gift – a prophecy: “One piece will be found in this would in a broken kingdom soon to be joined. The other is not in this world but one where the living is not welcome.”

The heroes leave, heading back to the valley. We dine with Serator and discuss the puzzle pieces and try to figure out what comes next. When morning comes we are summoned to see the lich. There’s a small breakfast laid out. She comes into the room followed by two retainers carrying a chest. She tells us that the airship will be leaving in two days. She welcomes us to stay in her castle for the two days. She then talks with Serator about leaving with the party for more world experience. Later she opens the chest, showing us a suit of armor – it was the ceremonial suit of armor for a king from an ancient empire – very few relics remain from that era making it priceless.

Quiz mentions a “plane where the living aren’t welcome”. She suggests that maybe it is in the Shadowfell, the Raven Queen’s world. We then discuss the other half of the prophecy, and we discuss shattered kingdoms. But there is no clear and obvious shattered kingdom we should approach.

We ask for news of Asalie, but we don’t get an update from the Lich Enchantress, other than she’s alive.

The heroes hang out, see the city and wait for the airship. As the team is leaving town, they run into the airship captain. He lets us know that he’ll be ready to go tomorrow, a day early. After we talk with him, we head into town. It’s a quiet town, with mostly local folks. We head to the bar. Nals orders a big beer for Serator. Meanwhile, the bard seeks out other bards and strikes a deal to play that night. The bard finds a local bard, and learns about the local flavor. After the bard’s magnificent song, there is quite the hub-bub about getting Serator drunk. The locals press drinks on him when they find out he’s leaving. He finally passes out. As we exit the bar, we see that dawn is coming. Bulwark takes Serator to the boat while the rest of the team collects their stuff.

The lich queen had our crate loaded, and had a basket of food delivered for us. We take off, through the arch in the castle. The trip back to Crossing is uneventful. Once we arrive in Crossing, Bulwark guards the crate while the rest of the team seeks out a boat heading to Gao. We find a barge easily enough and arrange transport. It’s a quiet week and a half back to Gao. We arrive at Gao safely enough, and we hire a teamster to take us and the armor to the Lord’s lawyer. We arrive at a nice building with many stories. Generally a solicitor’s building, it feels upscale.

We go in through the front door with the crate. We give the receptionist the lawyer’s card, and she calls him. Shortly after that a finely dressed tiefling comes out. He introduces himself and asks us back to his office. After we get to the office he asks if we have what our mutual friend wants? Meanwhile he walks over and gets two wooden pieces out. In response we open the chest. He inspects the armor, while we inspect the wooden pieces.

One has a staff, the other has a sword. We already have a bow and a shield, so that brings us up to 4 pieces.

Our business concluded, the tiefling reminds us to be discreet.

After we leave, we decide to head back to the heroes guild. We find some quiet time and try out the puzzle pieces. They appear to line up, but they aren’t slotted and we don’t know which side goes where – and nothing appears to happen. At an impasse, the party will have to decide what to do next.

Latest addition to Torgak’s tribal chant

While the heroes talk with the Enchantress, she gives Serator a crystal sphere to summon her when the dragon is dealt with. The party is still confused about why a golden dragon would align with a necromancer. But the Enchantress offers no answers.

However, Serator has heard stories of the dragon. He doesn’t know why the dragon would change now, it had been peaceful until now. He’s not sure we can deal with this dragon, but we have to try.

The heroes stop at the armory for heavier coats to deal with the mountain cold. From the supplier they find out that two emissaries have been sent. Neither have returned. And Serator draws on his arcane knowledge and shares that the dragon uses bite and claws, breaths fire, resists fire, can induce fear and reacts when attacked. The dragon’s name Kluthra, and it’s 50 years old – young for a dragon.

After that, the heroes depart with their guide, Jarod. Serator makes small talk trying to find out more, but with no luck. When we make it outside it is bitterly cold, and the castle is even more impressive from the outside.

A few miles south of the vale, Jarod peels off onto what could be a game trail. There is a main trail to get there, but the scouts like to take shortcuts when they can. A half-day’s journey later, the trail opens up into a large flat surface in front of a natural cave opening. The dragon’s home. Serator knows that it used to be home to druegar – the Lich Enchantress emptied them out years ago. We head in, and the cave entrance is quite large. The heroes go further in, turning right. After walking for a while, it widens out into a large round space. We’re confronted by a group of kobolds! They appear to be wyrm warped atrocities…ugly and diseased.

They ask who seeks their master, the bard responds nimbly. Serator jumps in and asks about the Lich and the dragon. But the kobolds won’t let us pass. After much back and forth, Bulwark attacks!

Bulwark charges and deals damage, but then the kobolds respond, hitting several of the heroes.

Torgak charges the enemies in turn, smiting one of them. Bulwark takes his second wind. Serator unleashes his magical might, causing havoc amongst a group of the kobolds. Dalaan follows up with another spell, moving the kobolds through Serator’s lightning spike for even more damage. He follows up by making them attack each other.

Arcosis blasts the kobolds as well – one dies, and explodes amidst his allies. After that, Arcosis’ blast takes out another, triggering another blast. That blast kills another kobold, triggering one final blast.

Nals throws an explosive pyre on a kobold, blasting it and killing it. After that, Torgak charges one of the leaders and kills it. Meanwhile, Serator keeps his illusion up, and damages the last kobold. He then blasts the kobold with a spell. Nals blasts the same one too. Dalaan throws an eyebite on it, smiting it. The bard uses cutting words, pulling it through the fire and blasting it. The combined blow drops it.

The team takes a short rest, nursing their wounds. During the rest we see movement and hear a little laugh.

As we move forward into the cave, we come to another big opening. We see small figures in the distance, Hobbler kobolds, trap masters! One taunts Bulwark, pulling him forward. Dalaan moves forward and blasts the taunter. Nals steps up and blasts the same one. So Torgak charges – triggering a wall of fire – and kills the taunter. The kill triggers a blood fury, and he immediately charges another, smashing it with his axe…but separated from the party by a wall of fire. But Bulwark shows no fear and charges through the flames and hits the same kobold.

The kobolds respond, shooting Torgak.

Quiz charges another kobold, striking it soundly. Arcosis uses cutting words, striking a kobold and pulling it into the fire and inflicting psychic damage. Serator follows with his own blast of illusionary damage, also pushing it to the side, still in the fire.

The kobolds respond in kind, pulling party members towards the fire. But Torgak gets a good shot in on one that moved away from him and Bulwark. Nals steps up and uses a Chaos Bolt, blasting a kobold. Meanwhile, Torgak charges the same kobold. He triggers yet another trap, but kills it.

The kobolds attack with their crossbow, deftly striking the heroes.

Quiz responds with a booming blade, striking his kobold. Meanwhile, Torgak takes a second wind. And Bulwark steps up and strikes his kobold.

The kobolds don’t take all this lightly, and fire back with crossbows. In response Dalaan blasts a kobold. Arcosis hits his kobold, pulling it towards him and damaging it at the same time. Meanwhile, Serator fires at a kobold, killing it. Torgak charges the crossbow kobold who has been shooting him, hitting him twice. But the kobold responds, dropping Torgak with a bolt!

Dalaan blasts one with his dark magic, striking it. Arcosis heroically runs through the fire, and heals Torgak while Dalaan eyebites another one. Torgak finally stands up and charges a kobold, slicing it in half.

For some reason the kobolds don’t like this, and fire their crossbows at the heroes. The party responds weakly, so the Kobolds release another flurry of bolts into the heroes.

Not intimidated, Dalaan fires eyebite and strikes one of them soundly! Taking heart, Torgak charges and strikes his kobold critically, annihilating it. On a rampage, Bulwark strikes and knocks down his kobold.

Annoyed, the other kobold shoots Arcosis. Serator responds with an explosive burst, striking the downed kobold. Torgak follows his lead, and charged the downed kobold, striking it with his axe.

Arcosis uses his cutting words again, pulling the enemy towards him two squares and damages it. Meanwhile, Dalaan fires on his kobold, pummeling it. Nals responds with a lightning arc, striking the downed kobold. Bulwark is inspired, and crushes the kobold, killing it.

The remaining kobold shoots Quiz with his crossbow, and shifts away from Quiz. Arcosis backs up and blasts the remaining kobold with a cutting word – shifting him and damaging him too. Serator fires a phantom bolt at the kobold, bloodying it.

The last kobold fires and misses. Quiz responds with a booming blade, blasting the kobold with a critical strike, dropping it.

The team takes a well needed rest, and prepares to face the next challenge.

Summary of a new verse added to Torgak’s tribal lore-chant

We’ve just won a battle with giant ants. We stand in the middle of the chamber and look at the carnage around us. The heroes debate what to do. Take a short rest, or take a longer break? The decision is to take a longer break, but then the question becomes where. After much debate, the team decides on using the high caves in an earlier cavern. Torgak climbs up and drops a rope.

After the rest, the team drops to the floor and heads back down the trail towards the mercenaries. As we enter another giant chamber we run into a woman with a dark aura, surrounded by 3 shadow hounds with two large beasts on either side – macetail behemoths. Shadrakai flank the behemoths.

Between their surprise and the first few seconds of battle, the team takes a large amount of damage, Nals can’t target past 2 squares and Torgak was blinded.

And then the hounds attack. One bites and misses, and the other two maneuver for better strikes. One of them moves into range of Nals’ vision and he blasts it with a chaos bolt. The bolt arcs over and strikes the behemoth, and a Shadrakai.

Trying to defend her friends, Quiz steps up and does a flurry of attacks, striking out at the foes around her. Bulwark also steps forward and draws the hounds, and attacks one with thorn strike.

Dalaan responds as well, going after a hound with eyebite – bloodying it! Arcosis heals Torgak so he can survive long enough to do some damage. Serator attacks a behemoth, critically damaging it. Then he drops a hypnotic pattern amongst the enemies. As the enemies respond and attack he uses the pattern to pull enemies away.

But the enemies still swarm us, the hounds teleporting to the back of the party and a behemoth knocking down Dalaan and Arcosis.

But the heroes rally. Quiz moves throughout the combat area, drawing attention. Torgak charges the witch, striking her twice and knocking her down. Dalaan triggers his daily, moving enemies into Serator’s pillar of lightning and then causing the enemies to attack themselves. One hound takes the other down, killing it. And the behemoths lash out at each other.

In a rage, a behemoth lashes out at Dalaan, striking him and marking him. The other behemoth strikes Bulwark critically, dealing a great deal of damage. Not to be left out, a hound readies its attack, but first takes damage from Serator’s sphere. It teleports away and attacks Dalaan, rending him with his bloody teeth and dropping him. Another hound ambushes Torgack, snapping him with his powerful jaws.

Nals tries to step away from the fray and gets bitten as he moves away towards the witch. Meanwhile Bulwark moves towards the witch as well, attacking a Shadraki and the witch. The strike against the witch drives home and kills her.

Torgak strikes at a nearby Shadraki, cleaving into it with his axe while Arcosis heals Dalaan and revives him. Serator does a flaming burst on a Shadraki and a shadow hound. Revived, Dalaan stands up and strikes out doing 1 damage to the nearby enemy.

A Shadraki strikes out at Torgak, bringing him closer to death. And the behemoths strike out and knock down Quiz, Dalaan and Arcosis. Meanwhile a hound bites Torgak and brings him down.

Nals fires a chaos bolt at a Shadraki, and it arcs to the other. Meanwhile Quiz stands up and does a sword burst on both behemoths, hitting one. And Arcosis strikes a behemoth, making it heal us every time we strike it, but only for one turn.

Serator shifts and moves the flaming sphere, then Bulwark does his thunder ram assault on a Shadraki, damaging it and moving it back 4 squares. The attack also strikes the other Shadraki & a hound. All are moved through the lightning pillar, taking even more damage.

Dalaan uses his cursebite, striking a behemoth and a Shadraki, killing them and bloodying a hound.

The enemy responds by striking Arcosis and knocking him prone and Dalaan is downed. Quiz is attacked by a hound and bitten about the ankles. Nals second winds and finally makes his save, while Quiz does a sword burst, striking a hound, killing it. Torgak is inspired and manages to trigger a 2nd wind.

The behemoth retaliates, striking Arcosis & Quiz and knocking them prone.

Nals screams his defiance and blasts the behemoth with fire. Quiz pops to his feet and strikes a behemoth.

Serator uses his orb, killing the behemoth. He then zaps the nearby hound and crits, killing it. The enemy is defeated!

Searching the camp, the team finds: 885 gold, 450 silver, a potion of healing and a resilience amulet on the witch. (Amulet: +2 fort, reflex, will.)

Afterwards we search the caves, but don’t find anything so we head back. We report to the head guard, and then are asked to wait until the afternoon to talk with the Lich Enchantress. We finally meet with her. We explain our work in the cavern and she seems pleased with our results. As our next task, we are asked to slay the gold dragon Faluthra. He’s been attacking travelers on the road, the airships and none of the Lich’s emissaries have returned. She’ll find us a scout to take us to the dragon.

Recap of the 5/28/09 game

4th day of the 1st month of the season of Light

Headmaster Bastion, Chosen of Azureen:

Picking up where I left off last, we are in a cave system searching for mercenaries, including a Shader-kai witch. These witches have great power, as we have seen before, so we had best be prepared. This task has been assigned to us by a power lich sorceress, who I have come to think of as the Lich Queen, although this isn’t entirely accurate. I find her both intriguing and disturbing. She is undead; but at the same time noble, sacrificing her very humanity, perhaps for all time, turning her back on whatever gods she once held dear, to become undead, not for desire of immortality, but to protect her valley. A place clearly important for her, and perhaps important for us all, if prophecy and portents still have meaning in this world.

Still as far as I can recall from my studies, the only way to become a lich is a horrible transformation involving the demon prince Orcus, a truly terrible path to walk if your purpose is pure. Would I do the same? Could I? Would Bahamutal ever ask such a thing? What would I sacrifice to save the world? I have already put my life on the line, and would again. But this is different! Can a good soul undergo such a transformation and not be corrupted forever?


Asalie leaves us, as the lich needs her for another task. I will miss her, she was a valued member of our group. Perhaps we will meet again soon. Serator has been sent to join us. Time will tell, but he is not imposing. Wimpy, actually, with an odd robe. However, I should be the first to not make such snap judgments! Look at me! Judge me not by my size and strength. I suspect that Serator has powers which are not yet visible. Also that robe probably has great power as well.

I must note to you, I know you know this, but I must press upon you how odd it is in person. Duergar shooting their beards at you is weird and disturbing. Warn the students so they are prepared.

Continuing to follow clear tracks (sigh I miss Asalie and her clear vision already!) into a large cavern. Humanoid figures descend from the cave roof. Kenku. Once again, some use spiked chains, so outdated! We notice they have two casters who remain floating. That will be trouble, and their ranged blasts hurt.

We quickly see Serator in action, bringing a pillar of lightning, and some sort of hypnotic sphere. The birds are not yet buying it. Dalaan uses that power of his to confuse them, and they attack each other, always fun to see. Then he immobilizes them, alas also catching Bulwark.

The battle with the main group is hard, but we persevere. Serator’s hypnosis works and some a drawn to it, walking through the lightning, killing one. Nals firebombs and chaos bolts, arcing, hitting, and slaying another. Dalaan eyebites and those cursed cry out, dropping another. When at range they throw daggers to great effects, causing much damage, so we must beware.

I spend time assisting the barbarian, trying to keep the Kenku on me and not hitting him. Torgak is quite powerful, but gets hit a lot. My blade hits with awesome power, and as another tried to do more damage to me I freeze him and he falls before he can strike. Bulwark has been very stationary in this battle, but still manages to drop the last ground bird.

All that is left are those floating. They will be trouble for me, so I help Torgak back to his feet. Meanwhile Nals, Dalaan, and Arkosys make short work of them, bringing them within reach, and swiftly ending the battle.

So, where are the mercenaries? We try to track them, but not our forte, alas. We mainly find ants, and it seems that our path must pass through their main cavern. Sadly, we have no fight with them directly, but our battle seems meant to be. Probably as the Shader-kai plan, why fight when the ant queen can do their job for them!

I enter and try to discourage them, but with their queen here they have none of that. Dalaan bites, curse, and drops one. They all move in response! Tactically, this is trouble. Also, the queen makes an acid cloud which gains power the more ants which are in it. Nals takes an acid blast right in the face. The queen also kicks to great effect, knocking us all over the place.

The acid is trouble: Serator goes down, gets up, kills an ant, and falls again. He can’t seem to shake off the acid. His time with our group might be short, indeed, but I don’t want to lose someone again!

The battle is fierce, but with great effort, Torgak fells the queen, thankfully.

Arkosys tried to help Serator shake off the acid, but it doesn’t help. I try to use my skill at healing, but it is also to no avail. So I grab a potion out of my pack and pour it all over him and down his throat. That, finally seems to do the trick, as he stands, draws upon his second wind, and shakes off the acid. All is good.

By now the party has cleaned up all but the last ant, which falls quickly.

The party is tired, and hurt, so it looks like we will have to rest before we proceed. Could be trouble as the shader-kai will surely know we are here and that the ants did not stop us. Probably better than pressing on tired though, as I expect the shader-kai to be formidable.

I’m sure we will prevail.

As always, your student, Quiz

Recap of the 5/21/09 game

The details of the heroes’ initial adventrues in the Giant Ant colony have been lost


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