Warforged Warden


I was created what would now be more than two thousand years ago to defend the city of Tirren-a-namal. My last memories of then was being called up as part of the reserves to reinforce the walls when the earthquake hit. The ground opened up and I remember no more. That is until the descendants found me. Shelna Ra-Orm the town smith, wife of Edward Milrue, helped me to repair myself. That was 6 months ago. Since then I have worked with the villagers to keep the peace and explore the ruins for anything that remains of the city that may be of use. I still have memories of the city, but everything has so changed since I fell.

These people remain within the walls of the once great city that has fallen. I still hold to the old ways and defend all those within it’s walls for this was the purpose for which I was created.

Tyrel sent me out about a month ago to disrupt the operations of several teams of ‘treasure hunters’ that now roam in the ruins. He fears they are searching for that which they defend. I felt the shield fall. Fearing that I have failed my mission, I rush back to the village. I use back ways and underground passages that still exist from before the fall. Upon reaching the village I find it under attack and immediately help to man the defenses. Tyrel pulls me aside, and tells me of a group of heroes that came and even now are on their way to take the artifact to a safer place. As he describes them, I name them (Glespo, Dalaan, Seltzer, Quiz, Graeleanna, Asalie, and the now dead Rolan). He asks me how I know of them, and I tell him of the dreams I had while I was on my mission. He takes this as a sign that I should go with them. He directs me to catch up to the Heroes and defend the artifact. It is now my mission, and like the old ways, I will do so at all costs.

I am Bulwark, defender of all that once was, and may be again.


Relna Frstrm