The Further Tales of Two Silver - A Bars Tale

The decision had been made, the heroes would go into the catacombs and retrieve the artifact first before attempting to distract the Treasure Hunters.

Before the Heroes activate the portal device, Two Silvers goes and stocks up on provisions, and ale (the listening crowd Cheers and Drinks) and when he returns the heroes step forward to the device while the town elder saying “Good Luck!” steps back to edge of the room.

The Heroes find themselves in a magically lit room with 3 unlit braziers in the center of the room. The room is octagonal (what? That’s means it has 8 sides you dim wit, says someone at the back of the bar) and the walls appear to be solid. Two Silver takes a closer look at the unlit braziers and decides to light one (crowd Cheers and Drinks). One section of the wall magically opens and there appears to be a hall way leading to another octagon shaped room with another device that looks like the one that brought the Heroes to the first room. Before anyone moved into the hallway the brazier was doused and the wall closed back up again. A different brazier is lit and a different section of wall opens to reveal another hallway but this time leading to a huge rectangular (Crash! Means square but longer you idiot, now shut up!) room. The Heroes decide to light the braziers in different order to reveal all the passages before exploring each one.

On the 3rd attempt, the Wall opens and immediately creeping crawling sounds can be heard down the hallway. The Heroes prepare themselves for combat and edge down the hallway to see what dangers lay ahead. Quiz takes lead (“She’s my favorite… OW!” Another patron snarls “I Said Shut UP!”) with Seltzer close by. They reach the end of the hallway and out of the ground appear Giant Spiders. Quiz moves into the room and Seltzer moves up to the edge of the hallway “I can hold em!”. One Spider immediately moves up and Spits some form of acid on the heroes, which immediately drives seltzer to re-think being up front. The heroes engage the spiders and kill a few right off with little trouble. Suddenly about half the spiders tunnel into the ground and disappear. The Heroes attempt to finish off the ones they can see. Quiz finds herself surrounded by the spiders but remains able to stay up and take the beating. The other heroes remain in the hallway and fire from cover at what they can see. Suddenly from the ground at our heroes feet pops up the missing critters and they attack whoever they are near. Two Silver steps back and pumps arrows into the closest ones (crowd Cheers and Drinks) but doesn’t kill em. The Heroes start to whittle down the numbers but take damage themselves as well. One of the larger spiders closes on Two Silver but he gracefully just glides back and puts two arrows right thru the head of the spider killing it! (crowd Cheers and Drinks). Two Silver steps back up to rejoin the heroes and finds that some of them have entered the room to clean up the rest of the spiders. He hears Asalie griping about her constantly being alone to deal with critters, which doesn’t make sense due to all the Heroes, are there with her.

After having cleared out the last of the spiders, the Heroes find that there is a device much like in the other rooms. Upon further inspection it looks like this device is part of a larger mechanism or spells and might be some kind of combination lock. The Heroes decide to go back and try another room. They decide to try to activate two braziers at once and find a new wall opening. In this room are what appear to be 5 smaller and 2 larger statues around the room. Two Silver cautiously moves into the room (crowd cheers and Drinks) and appears to set off a trap (bets are made) because the statues come to life and immediately Charge him. Two Silver avoids them (money exchange hands, crowd Drinks) as Glespo moves in to lay down fire around them. The rest of the Heroes move in except Asalie and Seltzer. During the fight some of the Heroes appear dazed and shout “Where’d they Go?” Others attacking the smaller statues at times seemed to miss wildly and hit their comrades. At one point Two Silver fires and grazes Quiz (crowd looks around unsure if to cheer or not, shrugs, and Drinks). The Heroes focus on the 2 larger statues and take them down quickly, but the smaller statues take a little more time. At one point Glespo shouts out “Where are they? Point them out”, Two Silver shouts back “Which One? Over There” pointing in a general direction to Glespo’s right, exasperating Glespo (crowd Drinks). The Heroes continue to fight until all of the statues have been destroyed. Quiz checks her shirt and sticks a finger thru a hole In it looking at Two Silver saying “Hey That Hurt!”, at which Two Silver responds “Hey, if I had meant to hit you it would have been between the Eyes!” (crowd cheers and Drinks, Someone in the back makes a comment about “Quiz being Awesome” and is immediately smashed against the bar, “I said Shut UP!” starting a overall bar brawl. During the brawl, the bard crawls out the door and almost escapes but is grabbed by the ankles and dragged kicking and screaming back into the bar.. “Your not done yet bard!!” Crowd Cheers… and Drinks)



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