The Further Tales of Two Silver – A Bars Tale (Part 2)

The Bard settles back down to continue the tale, with no hope of escaping the crowd at this point and picks up where he left off.

The Heroes after cleaning up the mess in the statue room, move back to the center and decide to just clear each room as they come to them. The brazier is lit and the Heroes move down the hall. The room appears to be empty except for the device on the far side. Looking around the walls seem rather high and it is soon noticed that there appears to be nocks or nests high up on the wall.

As soon as the Heroes step at the end of the hall, flying things come out of the nests. Two Silver immediately recognizes them as drakes (crowd Cheers and Drinks). Quiz moves into the room (a patron nursing a sore head looks about to say something then thinks better of it) a short distance to take on the larger drakes, while Asalie and Ghelespo move up to provide cover. Two Silver takes a shot at the closest target and gets in a few hits (crowd Cheers and Drinks). One of the Drakes does strafing attacks on Asalie while a Swarm of smaller drakes attack Ghelespo. It’s immediately clear that this fight is going to hurt. Asalie taking significant damage ends up running all the way back to the center room and can be heard saying “f this”. Ghelespo also taking a heavy beating pulls back and shouts “Don’t you dare!” Two Silver thinking of his academy training yells out to pull back into the hallway and continues to shoot drakes as target become available (crowd Cheers and Drinks). Quiz and Seltzer slowly pull back into the hallway, and the Drakes are picked off one by one. When it’s finally all said and done the drakes are all killed, and the party limps back into the room nursing theirs wounds, expect Two Silver who appears to not been hit at all (crowd cheers and “Round on the House” rings out).

Seltzer begins to examine the nests and attempts to get up to them to search them. After several failed attempts (something about recovering his sword that fell on him) he turns to Two Silver and asks him to help since he knows more about the creatures. Two Silver looks at him strangely and just pulls out his grapple hook and rope and slings up there to knock the nests(crowd Drinks). There doesn’t appear to be anything of value.

The Heroes head back to the center room to rest up and recover from their wounds. They rest peaceably and have dreams of heroic deeds and feats (crowd Drinks).

The heroes refreshed and ready to go, move on to the next room. Filled with confidence after having been thru the last fight without a scratch, Two Silver moves up to examine the room from the end of the hall. He and Seltzer are immediately stuck in place by webbing that is cast on them from man sized spiders. Quiz rushes out to get in front to blunt the blow against those stuck in place and is quickly surrounded. Asalie, Ghelespo, and Dalaan, staying as far back as they can use ranged weapons and spells to do as much damage as they can to the creatures. Quiz is eventually overwhelmed and falls. Two Silver time after time gets free of the webbing only to get re-webbed. He eventually stops trying and just holds his ground to cover the downed Quiz (a few Cheers and Drinks). However using ranged weapons against opponents standing right on top of you is not the best idea around, and Two Silver pays for it, going down himself (the dwindling crowd is subdued). The fight continues with the others knocking them out one by one thus give an opening for Ghelespo to burst thru and get into the room so that he can hit the creatures that were using the walls for cover. Two Silver seems to get worst while lying there caught in the webbing (the dwindling few patrons that are left are on the edge of their seats/stools). The last of the creatures are defeated and the rest of the party bandages up the wounded and get both Quiz and Two Silver back up (remaining crowd roars and Drinks, not many patrons are left standing at this point, most are either unconscious or stumbled out of the bar at this point). The heroes need rest and once again retire to the central room.

The Bard finishes his tale and looks around the bar. Literally no one is left except for unconscious patrons and the barkeep that is drifting back and forth from the back room cleaning up. The bard talks to the barkeep and takes a cut of the nights profits. Looking around carefully to be sure the barkeep is in the back, he starts to clean out the remaining coins from the sleeping patrons. Walking out of the bar thinking to himself that “Two Silvers” is worth more than it used to be.



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