The Cave and Three Skulls

The fight at the bridge was done. Shattering the skeletons was troublesome due to the ensuing darkness that was released, but we fought our way thru it.

Ghelspo ran ahead to try and catch up to the slave train. Bulwark followed soon after rather than rest hoping that Ghelspo didn’t run into trouble on his own.

Ghelspo following the road hoped to catch up to the slaves soon enough. Suddenly the trail runs cold. Not the road, but there seemed to be no indication that anyone had passed on the road recently. He backtracks until he finds a trail leading off the road into the woods. Bulwark catches up, and they both follow the trail and find it leading to a cave entrance. They go back to the road and wait for the rest of the group to catch up, and rest while they wait.

The group approaches the cave, and Ghelspo sneaks in to see what lays in wait. He approaches a turn in the cave that leads to an more open space and see a bunch of undead just sitting there waiting for anything to come out of the tight space. From this vantage point he can’t see any prisoners. He sneaks back out and lets the others know what he found.

After some debate, it’s decided to go around and try to find another entrance to the cave complex. After a little searching, it’s found. Ghelspo leads the way in, and the rest follow. There is a spot with a 10-15 foot drop, and everyone makes it down in one piece.

The heroes soon find that the tunnel leads to the same cave area, but they appear to be somewhat behind the undead. There is a fearsome 3 headed undead being that appears to be the leader closer to the heroes with the more common undead toward the far side of the cave. They spot what looks like a holding pin with the prisoners in it. The heroes decide now is a good time as any to charge in and take them by surprise.

Turns out that the horde of the undead contained a few wraiths and something else, that used its own guts to try to entrap the heroes. Ghelspo and GunGun try to rush the leader; Bulwark and Quiz try to gather and pound on the undead skeletons, while Kriv and Chronic hang back and try to do what damage they can from behind the lines.

The wraiths prove to be fairly nasty in that they stunned anyone that was nearby unless Kriv or Chronic could disrupt their foul aura with attacks of their own. Bulwark quickly takes out the common undead, but is surprised when one of the skulls on the Leader lights up and the skeletons quickly reform and get back up.

Ghelspo and GunGun get a few fast hits in and appear to smash one of the leaders’ skulls in. Surprisingly the Leader doesn’t go down, but seem reinvigorated. The other skulls light up in turn and start down fire and ice based damage to the Heroes. GunGun is surrounded by the entrails and hampered by the wraith. Bulwark dealing with an entrailed undead and well as the skeletons tries to get to him as fast as he can. Eventually getting frustrated enough to bash the entrailing undead to the ground and causing roots from the earth to enwrap the undead in turn. Bulwark quickly smashes the remaining skeletons down, and they don’t get back up.

Quiz rushes to the left flank as a wraith and entrailing undead was coming around from behind the group. Kriv and Quiz are quickly ensnared by the entrails and the wraiths aura, but eventually are able to beat down the entrailing undead.

Bulwark finally makes it over to GunGun and helps free him from entrails and tackles the wraith. Ghelspo and GunGun proceed to pound on the leader and eventually break down both his skulls. Then turn and help Bulwark kill the wraith.

With the one wraith being the only one left still fighting, it screams and then flies up and disappears thru the ceiling.

Bulwark covered in guts and goo approaching the prisoners soon backs off since they appear to be frightened by what is approaching them. They are soon released and escorted by the heroes go back to the town they were taken from.

Approaching the town they are meet by other members of Unit 10, and escorted the rest of the way in. It was clearly a trap, but the other team was able to overcome the trap knowing it was there from the initial scouting by Ghelspo and the other teams scout.

One member of the unit volunteers to stay behind to shut down the portal and everyone else goes thru back to the base camp. After closing the portal he will make his own way back. Dangerous but seems to be not a major concern for him.

Once back at camp they find themselves involved with general chaos. While investigating the town, and free the prisoners, general war on the front had started, and were being beaten back by the unprecedented numbers of undead in the opposing army.

While helping the wounded coming thru, a loud horn is heard, and the Unit is dismayed to learn that it’s a call for a general retreat, and soon after the full army starts to come thru the portal from the front. The general soon comes thru, and finally the portal to the front is closed.



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