Recap of the 2/25/10 game

Having figured out their plan of battle, the stalwart heroes depart for the camp – posing as the defeated mercenaries. After 45 minutes they think they’re close to the camp. And as the team rounds a corner, they see the camp ahead, with a basic barrier set up around it. As the team approaches, a large human appears and challenges the party. Quiz displays the mercenary contract, and the guard is set at ease, and lets the heroes through.

The camp is mixed. Some people are part of the ring, while others are not. At the other end of the camp is a tent with a woman who is clearly the leader – Arista – and she has a giant dire tiger at her side. There’s also a slave cage in the camp, full of sad looking people begging for help. The tiger roars at them, a monstrous sound that makes them quail back in fear. Arista is an elf, but there is a human woman next to her. Other humans and Dragonborn fill the camp.

We talk with Arista briefly to maintain our cover, and then get out of the way. A few hours later, we hear a ringing bell clearly. Arista calls out that there is trouble in the other camp. She summons a few people, and sends them off to help. She commands the rest of us to man the posts, so the party spreads out along the wall to wait. We know the other camp is about a half mile away, so the heroes need to wait 5 minutes or so before launching into their surprise attack.

After waiting for a bit, the heroes surge into action. The humans are carrying halberds, with crossbows on their backs. The Dragonborn appear to be elementalists. And there’s a female human at the edge of the camp who appears to be a wizard, carrying a crossbow. The tiger is a hunter, and can bite, pounce (shift 5 squares) and they have quarry. Finally, Arista has a pair of rapiers and a short bow. She appears to be quite proficient with the rapiers.

While the enemy is off balance, Chronic edges towards the foe, but stays close to Bulwark. Gungün charges a human, smashing the halberdier with his axe and dancing away. Kriv unleashes lightning against the same foe, blistering it – and slightly damaging the other halberdier. Bulwark then swiftly moves past Chronic towards a mage. Not to be outdone, Glespo fires a burst of Faerie Fire on Arista and her tiger – hitting them both! Quiz is farther away from the foe, but gallantly charges towards the battle!

As the foes start to react, Chronic uses his Iron to Glass, weakening the tiger. Enraged, Arista raises her bow – but she misses Glespo the swift. Kriv fires a lightning bolt at the un-engaged human – knocking it prone and slowing it. After smashing his foe, Kriv positions himself strategically. At the same time, Bulwark causes the area around him to be rough terrain to hinder his foes. But in a surprise move, the woman near the wall pulls out her short bow and fires at Bulwark, and he disappears! (Much to Chronic’s dismay…)

The tiger turns and pounces on Chronic, biting him. After he’s done shaking Chronic like a small rodent, it fends off the druid’s Faerie Fire – so it explodes and damages him. He roars in response, causing Chronic to wet himself and really wish that Bulwark was still there. Meanwhile, Glespo turns into a beastie and charges the woman who made Bulwark disappear. But she reacts quickly to his attack, shifting away and firing her bow – but the shot goes wide. Glespo finishes his charge, and bites her with his pointy, pointy fangs. Once Glespo grabs her, he pulls her closer.

The human that Gungün has been attacking finally responds. He swipes at Gungün with his halberd, hitting him and smashing Gungün to the ground. Meanwhile, his companion stands up and attacks Gungün too, hitting him and marking him.

The Dragonborn finally jump into battle. One calls down lightning on Chronic. The other moves and targets Glespo with lightning, smiting him. Seeing Chronic in danger, Quiz charges the tiger. She storms in with her blade, slicing the beast and immobilizing it. Inspired, Chronic sears the tiger, and grants Quiz temporary hit points.

Frustrated that she can’t close quickly, Arista fires her bow, striking Quiz. She finally shakes off the Faerie Fire, causing an explosion around her. Meanwhile, Gungün rises and moves towards Arista – bringing caustic imprecations down on him from the foes. Kriv follows up, using a powerful sorcery in an attempt to make Arista glow like a radioactive hole. Arista takes damage, and Kriv now can influence her movements. Still causing mayhem, the woman at the wall shifts and fires at Glespo, hitting him and causing ongoing poison damage. As she finishes her attack, Bulwark re-appears but is dazed.

The tiger shifts its attention to Quiz, chomping on her. But the tiger is weakened by Chronic’s spell.

Glespo tries to attack a Dragonborn, but it responds with a gust of wind pushing Glespo away. Glespo charges again, gnawing fiercely at the foe’s ankle and uses that leverage to push the Dragonborn into the swamp.

At the other end of the camp the halberd guys haven’t given up on Gungün – they charge after him swinging madly – bloodying him. Meanwhile one Dragonborn tries to blast Glespo & Chronic, hitting Chronic. The other Dragonborn fires a burst attack on Gungün and Kriv. The Dragonborn manages to hit them both for acid damage.

Now that the tiger is immobilized, Quiz shifts away from the tiger and attacks both Arista and the tiger – bloodying the tiger! Hoping to keep the tiger down, she trigger’s her sword’s power against it as well. Seeing his allies wounded, Chronic uses his beacon of hope and then a cure light wounds on himself.

Arista charges Kriv and lashes out with her rapiers, bloodying him. Gungün is trapped in the toxic cloud, and drops. And responding to Arista’s brutal attack, Kriv uses one of his mysterious (& confusing) powers on Arista, dazing her.

Annoyed at being removed from the battle, Bulwark uses his form of winter’s herald on the woman by the wall, crushing her and bloodying her. Now very angry, the tiger stands up and charges Quiz – but misses. Glespo shifts back into Elf form, and moves backwards. He then summons his wall of thorns and surrounds Arista with it.

Enraged at Gungün, the halberdiers continue chopping at Gungün’s body. The acid rain around Gungün stops, and one Dragonborn fires an acid cloud on Chronic and Glespo, hitting them both. It then unleashes a wave of cold at Chronic & Glespo, but misses them. The other Dragonborn attacks Quiz, but the area attack hits the tiger as well.

Still unconcerned about the tiger, Quiz attacks a nearby Dragonborn, bloodying him. Seeing Glespo in danger, Chronic moves closer and heals him. Meanwhile, Arista finds herself in the center of a wall of thorn. Before she can take any action, Kriv moves her into the thorns, and they rip into her – and then he moves her back into the center. Angered at being jerked around, she nurses a private grudge deep in her heart – and awaits the chance to retaliate. She finds that she has control of her movement, and moves back through the wall to seek her revenge.

Meanwhile, Gungün is bleeding out on the ground, while the battle rages about him. Kriv sees enemies approaching, and fires his thunderworm jaws. His attack hits Arista, bloodying her. Bulwark attacks the woman at the wall again – crushing her to the ground, slain. Freed up, Bulwark moves towards a Dragonborn.

Still cranky, the tiger turns and charges Quiz, raking her with his claws. Glespo responds with an attack against Arista & the tiger. Their defenses drop, and they both take damage.

The halberdiers have charged at Kriv, and continue to pursue him into the swamp. One hits Kriv with a lucky blow. A Dragonborn follows up by dropping lightning on Chronic and Glespo. The attack bloodies Chronic. The other Dragonborn attacks Bulwark with his staff, missing.

Quiz turns and tries to move to Arista, but the tiger takes a swipe and hits her as she goes by. Chronic heals his allies and weakens the enemies’ defenses.

Arista starts to move, but again Kriv interrupts her and pushes her through the thorny, thorny wall. She shakes off Kriv’s control and breaks through the thorns again – attacking Chronic but missing. Unfortunately Gungün bleeds to death as the party fights on.

Kriv unleashes his fury on Arista, hitting her with lightning and knocking her prone. Bulwark attacks the Dragonborn, but the foe shifts away and pushes Bulwark back. Bulwark draws on his reserves of energy, and attacks anyway – crushing the foe with critical damage.

The tiger continues to try to hurt Quiz and lashes out. Quiz lashes back, striking it in turn and killing it. Not to be outdone, Glespo bites and claws at Arista, gnawing on her prone form and dazing her. Glespo then wheels and attacks a Dragonborn, knocking it prone and dazing him as well.

The halberdiers charge Chronic, hitting him and knocking him to the ground, bleeding. A Dragonborn blasts Kriv with lightning, singing him. The other Dragonborn attacks Bulwark with his staff, hitting him.

And there our story must pause…to be continued…



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