Recap of the 2/18/10

The 25rd day of the 2nd month of the Season of Light

Headmaster Bastion, Chosen of Azureen:


It appears that war is on the horizon. Gao is flooded with people, heading to war, heading away, trying to profit from it. Namal is almost certainly to be attacked by the armies of Tyraga. Bad times.

I’m not telling you anything you don’t know, but a necromancer rules in Tyraga, and it appears that his power and desires are greater than his own borders. This is a grave threat; if there is any aid that you or Azureen, I most humbly submit, can send to Allandaria and Namal, it will be most welcome. I know you will take this request and do as is best for Bahamutal and the world at large.

Have no fear, I have sworn to do my part, as best that I may. All the heroes that Gao can muster have been called to do their service as part of the conflict, and my party is no different. We met our new commander in the morning, Genara Coulton, Unit 10, a commando unit made up of irregulars, us, and six army regulars.

I will recount the regulars as best I can, but the introductions were swift. We met Wells, a deva mage, Mal a goliath, Tribudon and halfling who takes care of things, Sobra and dwarf mentalist, Eldanor a dragonborn, and Ral a half-orc monk.

Ral and Gûngun couldn’t be more different from each other!

War brings out the worst in people, does it not? The border to Namal is not yet sealed, but it is guarded. Unscrupulous profiteers are smuggling people across the border with claims of safety, but really they are selling these poor folks into slavery. Unit 10 is going to put an end to this.

The plan is clever. We are to intercept a set of mercenaries, which the slavers have hired, before the mercs reach the slaver camps in the swamps. We will then proceed to take the mercs place. The rest of the unit is going to assault the smaller slaver camp. When the larger camp sends reinforcements, we strike from within.

The slaver leader, by reports a female elf with a dire tiger, fights with a rapier. I relish the chance to test my skill vs. hers.

Out ambush proceeds as planned. The mercs approach, and at Glespo’s signal we attack. They are not too difficult to dispatch, but we had the advantage on them, and they never seemed to be able to bring their full powers to bear. Gûngun, Glespo, and Bulwark particularly are devastating during the fight.

At one point I felt a nice cool breeze, but it turned out to just be Kriv trying to breath fire on an enemy. Haha!! I should not jest so, but I could not resist. Kriv has been trying to find a great time and place for this, but so far it has just not happened.

I have learned new skills, and have been much more effective at putting them to use. Interestingly enough I have also been able to exhibit more than one Genasi manifestation. Not knowing much about my heritage I do not know how common this is in my family, but I know it is a relatively unusual trait. It will be interesting over time to see where this takes me. I do think my near drowning has had something to do with it, as when I exhibit my new manifestation I do not fear to stay underwater at length.

The mercs fall swiftly, and we have all the paperwork they had been carrying. It appears that we should not have too much trouble impersonating them. The slavers don’t appear to have met them before, and as a group we are very similar to the mercs we just defeated. All we need to do is report to the camp, lay low until the rest of the unit hits the other camp, and then attack during the confusion.

What could be more simple!? I will let you know later how it turns out.

As always, your student,




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