Recap of the 2/11/10 game

As the team recovers from their battle with the undead, a great and terrible form descends from above. It looks like a large, misshapen sphere with a single eye and tentacles. Glespo shouts out “’Ware, ‘tis an undead Bloodkiss Beholder!”, and then soils himself.

But staying stalwart, Glespo charges in, provoking an attack. But he retaliates with faerie fire, slowing the beast and granting advantage to his allies.

Recoiling, the beastie shifts and blasts the nearby heroes. It hits Chronic & Quiz with a powerful psychic attack, dazing them. Gungün reacts swiftly, using a potion to protect him from the Beholder’s deadly emanations. He then swings at the beholder, striking it soundly.

The horrible eye of death lashes out at Bulwark, striking him. Bulwark responds with his winter’s herald, and smites the deadly foe. As Chronic prepares a mighty spell, the evil beast strikes him again. But before he falls, Chronic manages to heal himself – and he shakes off the disorientation that had been plaguing him. Not to be outdone, Glespo pulls out his bow, aims for the creature’s eye, but misses.

The beholder responds, hitting Gungün with an eyebite. As Gungün prepares to respond, he pumps himself up. The beholder uses the opportunity to blast Gungün with a spell to weaken him.

Chronic fires a burst, missing the enemy but granting allies a boon. Gungün tries to save vs weakness and fails. So Chronic steps back and uses his Sacred flame, striking the beast and granting Gungün another save, which he also fails. But Gungün still attacks the beast with vigor, striking it mightily, and as he stands there panting from his ferocious attack he shakes off the weakness.

As Quiz prepares to attack, the beholder lashes out, but misses her. Quiz responds by teleporting out of the vile creature’s reach, firing a spell and hitting it. Kriv fires a spell as well, but it glances off the beholder, barely affecting it. Glespo summons a mighty, thorny wall of thorny thorns, surrounding the foe.

The beholder tries to move, but is thwarted by the thorns. Frustrated, it fires at Gungün. Gungün & Bulwark take the opportunity to attack, both hitting the vicious monster. Gungün also uses the opening to activate his curtain of steel, slicing into it for further damage. That just fuels Gungün’s rage, triggering a furious assault – dealing even more damage to the battered beast. But the beholder does manage to hit Gungün, stunning him. It then lashes out at both Bulwark & Gungün with a mighty blow, and then manages to resist the druid’s faerie fire that had been clinging to him all battle. The resulting explosion rocks it back on its heels. But even as it recoils from the mighty blast, it knocks Gungün to the ground – bleeding.

Bulwark responds, critically striking the foe and regaining temporary energy. Seeing that Bulwark has taken significant damage, Chronic releases a holy word, healing Bulwark. Meanwhile, Gungün slips closer to death.

Glespo keeps the thorns in place, and fires his bow again, missing. As the Bloodkiss prepares to attack, the thorns slash into it again. It shifts towards Chronic, so Quiz and Bulwark swing as it goes by, hitting it. Maddened, the beholder turns and swings at Bulwark & Quiz. It misses Bulwark, but strikes Quiz. Quiz responds in kind, lashing out with her mighty blade, bloodying the misshapen beast. Angered and in pain, the beholder screams directly at Quiz, but it has no effect. Undaunted, it screams again, striking Quiz – dazing and bloodying her. Seeing its enemy weakened, the beholder tries to smite Quiz again and misses.

Seeing an ally in danger, Bulwark tries to draw the beast’s attention, and hits it with a crushing blow. As Chronic prepares to unleash a spell that would surely kill the foul creature, it turns and smites him, bringing Chronic near death. Again, trying to protect his allies, Bulwark strikes the creature. Rethinking his strategy, Chronic backs off and heals himself again, regaining his strength.

Quiz prepares to attack, but the beast attacks her first, dealing a somewhat mighty blow. Quiz responds with a huge swing, slicing deep into the beast’s hide and teleporting it back into the middle of the thorns.

As the beast prepares to attack, the thorns lash at it again, leaving deep furrows. Furious, the creature lashes at Quiz, dropping her. But Chronic calls upon his Goddess, returning Quiz to consciousness.

As Bulwark prepares his assault, the beholder strikes him, but the backlash knocks the beast prone. Bulwark follows up with a furious retaliation, crushing the beast beneath his weapon and pushing it back into the thorns. Seeing his allies down, Chronic steps up and heals Quiz. He then fires at the beast, damaging it and grants Gungün another saving throw.

Enraged, the beast strikes at Quiz on the ground, hitting her again. But Quiz responds, striking it and healing herself. Kriv follows up with his donut power, centering it on Quiz – but he misses by a hair. Glespo continues to concentrate on the thorny wall, and prepares to shoot the vile, filthy, disgusting beast as soon as it rises.

The Beholder, stirs, but in doing so sinks the razor sharp thorns further into its hide. Crazed, it screams at Bulwark, dazing, damaging and bloodying him. Seeing the hero weakened the creature strikes out at Bulwark again, smiting him and stunning him. Bulwark manages to recover and prepares to attack, but the brute sees him preparing to attack, and hits Bulwark yet again, dropping him.

Out of healing spells, Chronic moves around the battle to get closer to Bulwark. Meanwhile, Glespo moves in towards Gungün, and gives him a healing potion.

The putrid beholder prepares to attack, and tries to shake off the thorns, but they continue to pierce him with dagger-like efficiency. Enraged, the heinous beast assaults Quiz. A rapid flurry of blows between the two of them ensues. Quiz tries to protect the heroes, but in the end she is bloodied, and Gungün drops to 1 hit point and is dazed. But Bulwark is able to gain his feet again!

As Gungün prepares to stand, the revolting beholder turns on him and drops him to the ground. But Bulwark uses the opening to assault the despicable beast. Glespo follows up, lighting into the dreadful creature as well.

But the abhorrent beholder screams again, bombarding Bulwark and dazing him. Chronic resists the attack, and grants another boon to the team. Bulwark shakes off the daze, and stops Gungün’s bleeding. Hoping to go out in a blaze of glory, Gungün stands and charges the horrid creature, critically hitting it with a heinous blow. This triggers Gungün’s rampage, hitting the beholder again. Gungün then draws upon the last of the energy he’s held in reserve, striking the beast yet again! Quiz is dazed, but not out of the fight – she moves closer to the foe.

Meanwhile, Kriv unleashes a hellish blast of lighting, dealing an enormous amount of damage! Glespo moves in, and critically strikes it yet again – and the creature drops!

Only the heroes remain in the giant room. Weary and bloodied, they look at each other with disbelief that they actually survived this battle. As they look around the vaulted chamber they find another piece of the box! This one has the dagger on it. Only one piece left!

Eventually the team moves back outside, and sets up a bonfire on the beach. They invite the ship captain over to join them, and they spend a pleasant evening. That night, the heroes sleep soundly on the beach.

After returning to town, the team finds out they have a meeting lined up for the next day. So they spend the day cleaning up and keeping up with the latest fashions.

The next day, the group is escorted discretely to a private chamber in the palace. They enter a room and look around. The palace clearly wasn’t meant for defense, and it has seen better times. The palace’s staff has tried to keep it maintained, but the years are slowly winning. When the team enters the room, there is someone waiting for us – Lord Blackthorn…the accused. Shortly after that, the King is announced and enters the room. Chronic steps up and explains the circumstances to the King (with a little help from his friends).

The King turns and accosts Lord Blackthorn, but Blackthorn denies the charges and lays the blame elsewhere – on his liege Lord Theron. After a few moments the King asks the heroes what led them on this path, and they reveal what they know of the crown. The King asks them to return in 3 days, and has the guards secure Lord Blackthorn.

The heroes hang out about town the next few days, waiting for their meeting. One night, they hear a rumor that Lord Theron and his family were seized by the King! They also hear that the Lord will be expected to pledge his loyalty to the King tomorrow, or be sent off to jail…

The following day, the team goes to the palace, to attend the court hearing with Festus. The group is escorted to a place of honor, and as they walk through the room, the team sees a group of nervous people…perhaps the accused?

The King is announced, and enters the room. Lord Theron and his son are put in front of the King, and a long litany of charges is read. And the evidence between our findings and Lord Blackthorn’s confession is damning. During the reading, it implicated other people, and the guards moved throughout the room to surround the people in question. At the end, the King demands that they all come forward and pledge allegiance to the King, which they do.

The King then stands and turns towards the mighty heroes, and thanks them personally for saving Tesla from a civil war. He calls a monk forward, and delivers the crown to the monk, fulfilling our quest! He also rewards the heroes with a large chest full of gold & gems, as well as a beautiful sword.

Later the team is encouraged to seek adventures elsewhere, which they concur with. The only question is – where next?



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