Recap of the 12/29/09 game

After the ferocious battle, the team finds a box of documentation, a seal and a strange stone. They discover that the stone is a communication stone that let the bandits receive orders from “River”, their leader. Quiz notes that the communication stone is expensive to make, and useless to us for now. They are bound to a specific sender/receiver. But if we find the other one, we can reset them for a cost. The letters from River ask for detailed reports to be delivered to a drop spot regularly. Upon examination, the seal is odd – only half the seal is filled in, showing a tower and a bridge.

The team discusses what to do next. They decide to hit the road and head back to town immediately. Once they arrive Quiz and Bulwark take Mevra’s remains to the local priest, who will attempt to resurrect Mevra. Then they all (sans Mevra) ride out to a nearby farm, where the captured Dragonborn bandit is working. After a brief discussion with the Dragonborn, they find that he doesn’t know anything about the captain’s seal. The Dragonborn seems to be happy to be alive, but far from pleased with his current lot in life. From talking to the foreman, they also find out there will be a barn-raising in a few days. If they are still in town, their help would be appreciated.

After talking with the Dragonborn & foreman, the heroes ride back to town and investigate the seal further. Based on some advice, the team visits a bookseller who is a history/nobility enthusiast. The bookshop isn’t big. Glespo goes in to talk and a young man comes out to help. Glespo asks about the seals, and the young man takes a look. He looks at the imprint of River’s seal first. He finds a reference to a similar seal, from long ago, around the break-up of the kingdom. The seal was related to a group of nobles and merchants who were “pro” breaking up the kingdom. But this type of seal hasn’t been seen in hundreds of years. He thinks that River’s seal is an updated version. It has a more modern style castle & vessel, while the old seal was “modern” for its time. It isn’t a particular ship, it is just representative. He looks at the other seal – the half seal that the bandits had. A tower on a hill isn’t uncommon. The part that is missing probably completes a story. It is definitely made to be joined with another seal, but it is hard to say what the 2nd half would be. He shows Glespo other similar seals. It doesn’t read as a merchant’s seal. This one is too easy to duplicate. More than likely it is a house seal for nobility, but he can’t give us any other particulars.

From there the team heads to a feast and party held in their honor. The less said of that the better.

The following morning Mevra emerges from the Temple, and rejoins the party. They welcome him back gladly, with the exception of Gungün who seems a bit cranky. The mayor meets the party, and as a “thank you” gives them horses for the ride to Tesla. Because the group had put out word they were going to Tesla, they also fin d 3 or 4 wagons ready to join us. The group hits the road. It takes a full day to get there, but nothing unusual happens.

When they arrive in Tesla Festus is there, and is glad to see us. He has news. The captain we bested seems indebted to us. He’s been checking for our return every few days. He thinks he can get us on the Gorgon. We update Festus on the seal, and then discuss matters further. We try to retire, but we are awakened in the middle of the night – Quiz has a disturbing dream. She’s running, and sees twin lighthouses in the distance and hears clomping behind her. She thought this place should be safe, but it isn’t. She sees a piece of a box with a dagger, and then falls into darkness… It isn’t clear if it is her or someone else in the dream.

The following morning Quiz does more research on our destination, and she finds the ship captain and talks to him further. They concoct a plan – they’ll take the captain’s ship out to sea, and act as bait for the Gorgon. As part of the ruse, we make sure to be seen in an inn handing off a box to the captain. Later he sneaks us aboard his ship on a much-too-small dingy. After sailing for a few hours, we spot the Gorgon. To be convincing bait, we flee. After a fierce chase, we finally heave-to and engage!

As the battle begins Glespo charges the nearest bridge, and Quiz goes for a rope. Gungün follows up with a charge, killing a minion on the bridge. But after that a wave seizes the ship, knocking down Quiz, Mevra, Bulwark and Kriv. As soon as they are able, Kriv, Bulwark & Mevra stand up.

Gorgon’s captain acts next, moving into position. Then the Gorgon’s Hexers attack. The first Hexer throws a hex. It hits Quiz, Gungün & Glespo. The other Hexer targets Glespo, transforming him into a tiny little mouse.

But Quiz is back on her feet, and swings across to the pirate boat – charging the captain! She misses, but manages to get the captain’s attention. Gungün charges onto the bridge, but misses the minion blocking his path.

The minion in front of Gungün hits him with a club, and the other two minions move to board our vessel. Glespo steps up (as a mouse) and moves to the enemy ship. Mevra follows, nearing the closest bridge and blasting the minion on the bridge. The same blast also grants Bulwark temp hit points. Kriv then blasts the closest Hexer, damaging him and knocking him prone.

The enemy sailors respond, the first charging Bulwark. The next attacks Quiz, striking her and marking her. Then the Gorgon’s captain swings at Quiz as well, but misses her wildly. He follows up by shifting two squares and attacking again. This time hitting her, and then shifting two more squares. The pirate Hexers respond to the boarders as well. The first one tries to hex the party, hitting Quiz, Bulwark, Gungün, and Kriv. The other Hexer summons a capricious earth – hitting Gungün and knocking him back. The attack also hits Bulwark & Kriv, knocking them prone as well. The second Hexer fires a hex, hitting Gungün, Glespo & Mevra. He then hits Mevra and transforms him into a sparrow. As they finish their attacks, Glespo suddenly transforms back into his beast form.

Quiz marks the sailor that hit her, and then triggers lightning – hitting one sailor and inflicting ongoing lightning damage, while sparks damage the captain and the other sailor. When she hits the captain, there is a backlash and she’s inflicted by ongoing damage as well. She then teleports behind the captain.

Gungün stands up and charges across the bridge, striking an enemy sailor.

The enemy minions attack, and one hits Glespo. Glespo responds, shifting away from them and moving around them towards the enemy captain. He then shifts into an Elf, and uses his action point to cast a thorn wall, encasing the enemy Hexers in the pointy, pointy thorns.

Mevra is still a sparrow, and hops across the bridge to the enemy boat. Bulwark stands up, moves onto the enemy boat (shrugging off an enemy’s attack) and then marks the sailor. Kriv stands up, and moves closer to the battle.

The enemy sailors respond to the invasion of their ship. One attacks Quiz and misses, while the other hits Bulwark. The enemy captain follows up with an attack on Quiz that misses, but he shifts two and attacks again, hitting her. Quiz responds with a frosty backlash, hitting the captain in return.

The Hexers struggle in the thorns, taking damage. The Hexer in the black hat fires another hex – hitting Bulwark & Glespo. The other Hexer (grey hat) fires another hex – hitting Mevra and Kriv. Then the Hexers teleport – trading places with Kriv and one with Bulwark – so our allies are now in the thorns. The pointy, pointy thorns.

Quiz shifts to the enemy captain, striking out with booming blade, but missing. She follows up with a second wind. Gungün charges the black hat Hexer, bloodying him. Seeing his wounded enemy before him, he follows up with another attack, inflicting massive damage.

The pirate minions attack Glespo, and one hits him. Glespo shifts into a “pyramid-y” type animal. He then follows up with a grasping tide on the sailors – taking out both of them!

The boat suddenly shifts again, knocking down Quiz, Kriv & Bulwark – and knocks over one of the boarding planks. Bulwark recovers and stands up, hitting the black hat Hexer. Kriv follows up with a strike against black hat – killing him! Kriv follows up with an attack against the remaining Hexer, striking him as well.

The sailors respond. One misses Quiz but the other strikes Bulwark. The enemy captain lashes out striking Quiz, then shifts and strikes again – missing.

The remaining Hexer responds with fury, hexing Bulwark, Kriv, Gungün & Mevra.

Quiz pops up, shifts and attacks the captain again – but misses. Gungün charges the captain, and strikes him mightily. Glespo shifts into elf form, then uses his tide attack. He crits the sailor, and hits the captain. Mevra follows, weakening the captain and healing Quiz. Kriv attacks with a mighty spell, striking a sailor and bloodying him as well as hitting the captain.

The sailors respond, but both miss. The Gorgon’s captain tries to move, but Glespo’s spell knocks him prone and interrupts his action. The captain stands up and tries to attack Quiz, but misses. The captain then shifts two and swings at Quiz again, striking her and shifting yet again. The Hexer attacks, missing Bulwark, but Gungün takes damage and is knocked prone.

Quiz moves, provoking an attack of opportunity – but the sailor misses. She engages the captain – lashing out at him and hitting him with her booming blade – bloodying him. Gungün stands, and then charges the captain, lashing out and damaging him further. Glespo also attacks the captain, dazing him. Mevra follows up with a beacon of hope, weakening both sailors and granting hit points to nearby allies. Glepso provokes an attack of opportunity from the sailor, then fires an earthgrasp strike on the captain – critting him. The captain is damaged, and knocked prone.

But again the boat shifts beneath the party, and Kriv & Bulwark fall to the ground.

Kriv targets the captain with his new super ability – but misses. The sailors respond, but both miss. The captain suddenly shouts “parley” and surrenders. Quiz asks for his name, he’s Samuel. She then asks for Claude’s crown. A lengthy interview ensues. Samuel doesn’t have the crown, he gave it to his leader. To reach the leader we’d have to take the Gorgon to the pirate’s island…a risky gambit indeed. As they loot their foes, they ponder what to do next.



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