Recap of the 1/21/10 game

As the team steps into the large room, the door slams shut behind them! The evil overlord suddenly disappears, and a swarm of demons appears in the room! A Bloodseep, Canoloths, Evistros, and Rupture…outnumbering our ill-starred heroes.

As battle ensues, the team quickly starts killing the weakest of the foe – the Rupture demons. But as the Rupture die they grant the last of their power to the Bloodseep. And the Canoloths start the battle by dazing several party members in quick succession. Meanwhile, the Bloodseep uses its teleport ability to bounce around the battlefield, smiting the allies.

As soon as possible, Bulwark charges into the middle of the fray – drawing the attention of many of the demons. Mevra manages to briefly blind the Bloodseep, but continues to wobble unsteadily in a dazed state. The Canoloths lash out yet again at the party, wreaking havoc. As the party seeks to recover their footing, the Bloodseep continues to damage any nearby heroes with his noxious aura.

Seeing a moment of opportunity, Kriv attacks – unleashing a brutal area attack on the demons, inflicting hellish damage. But not finished wreaking destruction, Kriv then turns to a nearby Canoloth and lets loose his powerful, deadly, unstoppable breath attack – blasting it.

Although still blinded, the Bloodseep responds with a blast of power centered on Bulwark. Fortunately the attack misses Bulwark, but sadly it does end up healing the nearby demons – making Bulwark’s job that much more difficult. Then on lifted wings, the Bloodseep teleports to Kriv and tries to claw him, but fortunately for the heroes (and Kriv in particular), the demon misses.

Bulwark takes advantage of a lull to use a potion of healing, then smites nearby enemies with a burst attack – inflicting grievous wounds to all foes around him. Unfortunately the Evistros retaliate, unleashing the very powers of hell against Bulwark, bloodying him. Hoping to help, Glespo opens up on the foe with a Faerie Fire on the Evistros. Similarly, Mevra releases his beacon of hope, healing himself & Bulwark, as well as weakening a nearby Canoloth.

Gungün tries heroically to help by charging the Canoloth on Mevra, but misses. Not out of the fight yet, the Canoloths respond to the party’s fury. One pulls Glespo towards him, another horrific demon bites Quiz, while a third attacks Gungün with some sort of psychic blast.

Standing stalwart, Bulwark continues to try to defend the party, pulling an enemy closer to him, but is bitten for his efforts. However, two of the attacking demons finally shrug off the Faerie Fire, unwittingly triggering explosions about them.

Mevra finally heals Bulwark more effectively, but remains dazed and can’t do much else. And fortunate it was that Mevra finally came to Bulwark’s aid – as a Canoloth immediately steps in and smites Bulwark. Kriv follows up and strikes an Evistro with his mighty spells, and Quiz strikes a Canoloth with her booming blade.

Its anger growing by the second, the Bloodseep lashes out, hitting Kriv. The Evistros are worked up in a similar froth of vengeance – they continue trying to pummel Bulwark. But Glespo charges in and attacks the Evistros, biting one ferociously and killing it. Inspired, Mevra sears a Canoloth, and gives Gungün temporary hit points. Gungün follows up by charging a foe and bloodying it with a mighty swing of his weapon.

Inspired, Kriv unleashes his magical mojo, killing yet another Evistro. But Bloodseep has been watching the battle. It was already alarmed at Kriv’s power, and is now nursing a growing fear of Gungün. The demon teleports in and strikes Gungün, hoping to drop him. Bulwark strikes a nearby Canoloth and knocks it prone. Seeing an opportunity, Glespo charges in again and bites the downed Canoloth, ripping out its throat and killing it. Meanwhile Mevra turtles up and uses his 2nd wind, hoping to be avoid being slain (again).

The angry, angry Canoloths respond, and one hits Quiz and bloodies her. Yet another hits Gungün, and one uses its psychic power to lash out at Mevra.

Quiz deftly wields her sword, striking a nearby enemy, and manages to recover from being dazed. But still focused on his two designated targets, the Bloodseep teleports back to Kriv and strikes him again.

Continuing to protect the party, Bulwark lashes out at the Evistro in front of him, critically striking it and bloodying it. Glespo charges in and attacks the same Evistro, savaging it with his fangs.

Mevra unleashes divine glow, giving Gungün a boost to his attack, and slightly damaging the Bloodseep. Gungün takes advantage of this power, striking the last Evistro and killing it! This triggers Gungün’s unstoppable rage, and he charges across the room at the Bloodseep – brutally smashing it and drawing blood.

Meanwhile, the Canoloth on Mevra bites him, bringing him nearer to death.

Wounded, Kriv backs off and releases his second wind to recover before re-entering the fray.

Seeing that Mevra is almost down, the Bloodseep swipes at him, dropping Mevra to 1 HP and poisoning him…Mevra’s doom is at hand (again). Bulwark moves in to protect the still wounded Kriv, attacking a nearby Canoloth – using his Thunder Ram assault and knocking it back.

Glespo circles the combat, and deftly pounces on the Bloodseep, killing it! Inspired by seeing the demon leader fall, Gungün releases his wrath on the nearby Canoloth, critically smiting it and bloodying it. But the Canoloth responds, biting Gungün in return.

Feeling safer, Kriv launches a mighty magic attack, striking one of the Canoloth. Glespo charges the other, killing it. And Quiz charges the Canoloth that Kriv blasted, killing it. As soon as the last foe falls, the door slams open again.

After the battle, Mevra is stabilized and the team rests. After the rest, Gungün briefly tries to destroy the altar, and then the team moves on to the next door. The first room they find is a study, which they proceed to search. They find some treasure, and some papers burning in the fire. They are able to rescue some of the burning papers, and they take a look (well, those that can read do…cough). Most of the papers were sent by someone who simply signs the letters “West”. The salvaged documents outline a plan to disrupt trade, and there’s a letter mentioning the crown and the ship it is coming in on – and a reward for it. The letters don’t appear to be strict orders. Instead they seem more like an exchange of tactics and plans. Finally, the heroes find one really burned letter that says “My Agent” and “Thorn” (part of a name) and “Destroy these instructions”. They also find another seal – a mounted rider – and it fits with the other seal! Putting the two seals together, the heroes finally see the whole picture – a mounted rider across from a cliff with a road leading to a tower.

The team continues exploring, finding various rooms. But they have less luck – most of them are full of junk, and don’t appear to be used. After exploring the whole house, the team leaves the house and heads towards the docks. As soon as the heroes approach, the dockworkers scatter. The team finally manages to talk to one of the dockworkers, and he’s shocked that their leader was a necromancer. He claims to have had no idea.

Leaving the dockworkers for now, the team then gathers to decide what to do next.



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