Enter the Bulwark

As the Heroes ride away from the old ruins they enter the surrounding plains. It soon becomes obvious that not only can they see far into the distance but that hiding out in the plains is not really an option either. They decide to ride as hard as they can, but since they aren’t used to it have a hard time of it. Edward notices a figure riding up from behind following their train in the distance. The Heroes decide it is best to get set for a possible attack rather than continue to run. The figure riding up from behind seems to have no trouble riding hard to close the distance. The figure canters the horse the remaining distance and hops down to greet Edward, “Hail Edward, your wife sends her regards”. Edward turns to introduce the figure as Bulwark to the Heroes. Bulwark turns out to be a Warforged, which was found in the old ruins and repaired to working order.

Bulwark tells the Heroes of the attack on the village and that Tyrel had sent him ahead to join the Heroes in guarding the artifact while they tried to hold off the attackers as long as possible. Grae takes special interest in Bulwark due to his nature as a construct, but manages to restrain herself.

The Heroes press on, and decide to camp for the night. Bulwark lets it be known that ‘he’ can take several watches if necessary due to his need for less ‘rest’ then the others. During the first watch, Edward notices the camp is being approached by what appears to be hyenas. Edward rush’s out to engage 3 of them, while Quiz is rushed and engaged by 3 more on the other side of camp. Bulwark takes up position and forms a perimeter by engaging 2 more just short of the camp. Edward seems to handle the 3 on him quite handily while Bulwark manages to knock prone one of his. The ground seems to come up and entrap the prone hyena while Asalie knocks another one prone. Working together they easily take out the 2, while the rest of the Heroes handle the ones on Quiz. Asalie seems quite pleased with how things turned out for once.

The Heroes decide to move camp, and find another place to rest, and make it thru the rest of the night undisturbed. The next morning, the Heroes proceed along their way and approach Horizon Crest, their first stop along the way back to Gao. The plan is to pick up fresh horses and continue on their way. They are stopped by a female that both Edward and Bulwark recognize and told that the Town has been taken by forces that plan to ambush them. The guards have been subdued and the people sequestered to their homes. The Heroes discuss what to do about this turn of events. Asalie is all for just going around to the nearest farm (pointed out by the scout) and getting horses there and just leave. Bulwark points out that the artifact safety takes priority but that the town can’t be just left to its own devices. Bulwark seems rather animated about this point. Surprisingly Dalann seems to echo the same sentiments which throw some of the heroes off guard.

The heroes decide to go to the farm to get fresh horses, and give more time to think of ideas to deal with the town ambush. Once near the farm, Asalie is sent ahead to scout of the place. It appears to be strangely deserted. Asalie approaches a large barn, and peering thru the gaps in the wood siding, see what appears to be a mound of body parts. Almost choking on what she see’s, she notices something in the back of the barn holding a little girl. He signals for the heroes to move up. Asalie points at the door indicating something inside, and Bulwark charging up bashes in the door. Edward moves in up the left side while Bulwark moves up the right side once inside. In the middle of the barn floor is a Mass Grave of blood, bones, and parts. A Wight appears behind the area holding the girl and boost that they Heroes are too late and that they are all going to die. It kills the girl which appears to finish some ritual. Two beastly apparitions are summoned forth from the grave and engage Edward and Bulwark. As the Heroes rush in, Ghouls appear to jump out of stalls. Edward is quickly surrounded and Quiz moves up to help along with Seltzer. Bulwark is quickly overwhelmed by several solid blows and from ghouls spitting foul goo. Glespo, Dalann, Asalie, and Grae move up to help, and Bulwark recovered proceeds to do several odd things. A large area of the floor suddenly sprouts plants and provides cover to those around him, but ‘he’ also seems to be covered in some kind of frost that makes it harder to hit and causing the ground around him to frosted over causing footing issues for the ghouls. As the fight rages, the Wight taunts and appears to throw spells around. Bulwark manages to take down the apparition with help from Glespo and Asalie, while Dalann and Grae work on the roaming ghouls. Seltzer goes down, with Edward and Quiz barely holding on. Edward has been blinded and is having a difficult time of it. Bulwark charges the Wight to try to occupy it’s attention. The Wight seems to get a chant off and the apparition that was down gets up again from the mess on the floor. Asalie working with Glespo, Dalann, and Grae manage to take it down again. Asalie moves up to help Bulwark with the wight, while Dalann and Grae try to rush over to help Seltzer, Quiz, and Edward. Asalie and Bulwark finish off the Wight. Glespo finishes off one of the spitting ghouls and watches it explode. He warns Edward and Quiz to back off from the spitter on their side of the barn. Asalie charges across the grave, almost falling ill in the process, to make it over to help. Bulwark rushes the long way around finish off the last ghouls still up. The Heroes finish off the remaining spitter and breathe a sigh of relief to have survived.



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