Alley Way

The heroes were put to work. Bulwark helped with moving supplies and heavy lifting. GunGun offered his services to help the wounded but was quickly diverted to other duties when they saw that he was about to put his Axe to use sorting triage. Chronic was put to use in the Field Hospital. And the others assigned to various other tasks around the camp as needed.

Many days of this wore on the heroes, but were necessary to sort out the chaos after the retreat, as orderly as it was.

Finally the commander of Unit 10 gathered everyone together. “We have new orders, get your gear together and ready to go. The Enemy army is closing on the first city on its march, and we need to help evacuate as many of the civilians as we can before it’s overrun. The walls are being manned, beating back the siege as best as it can, but it can’t hold for long. We will be going in teams to setup evacuation teleports to the central portal in town. So our job is to protect the mage and his teleporter for as long as necessary to get as many of the out laying areas clear of civilians as we can.”

The Unit was going to be broken into 2 squads and assigned separate areas of town. We were also told that Chronic was staying put, assigned to the Field Hospital. We were all given ‘recall’ bands. In case we fell unconscious or fell in battle our bodies would be teleported to a safe location. There were only enough for the special units, and not for the army at large.

We gathered with our assigned mage, and teleported to our mission area. It was a square, and not empty by any means. We immediately were crowded by a mob on the edge of panic. There was a fountain in the center of the square, and 4 alley ways leading from it. One was leading directly toward the wall of the city, and fighting on the walls could be heard, even from this distance.

Bulwark, bullied thru the crowd to let the mage setup his teleporter and start sending the crowd thru as fast as was possible. The heroes quickly assessed the area and started to setup roadblocks in the alley ways leading toward the walls or from nearby side streets. They left the one leading toward the center of the city clear. The most heavily fortified alley was the one leading to the wall.

The heroes then waited. The sounds of the walls of the city being breached could be heard, and they stood ready for whatever was to come.

Signs of the enemy soon appeared in the alley leading to the walls. Bulwark moved up to help maintain the barricade. Quiz moved to one of the side allies to keep an eye there, while the rest stayed toward the square, ready to move in to support which ever alley way needed it most.

The barricade was soon under assault, but was holding. Ghelespo using his bow, and Kriv his spells, were raining down death on the enemy trying to breach. Bulwark stood ready for anything that might make it thru.

Soon, enemy started to appear in the side alley’s, and quiz moved in to support the guards holding the lesser barricade there. GunGun also moved in to help.

Bulwark found that he had to move away from the barricade and wait back a bit. The enemy was trying to lay down area effect spells to clear the barricade and he was getting caught in them.

Eventually the barricade came down, and Bulwark then rushed in. The heroes were able to overcome the initial wave of the enemy. But it was soon clear that more were coming, and there was no way to stop them all. The heroes, pulled back bit by bit, giving the mage as much time as possible to get people out. No more people were coming to the square and all that could be done was done. The heroes stepped thru the teleporter themselves to get to the central evacuation area.



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