‘Heroes Glory’ or ‘Crashing Waves of Death’

After stepping thru the teleportor from the suburb area, the heroes are immediately crushed by the mobs of people trying to escape. They quickly clear a space among the crowd. The Unit 10 Commander assigns them to a choke point further out from the city center and basically told ‘Hold as long as you can’. They shoulder their way thru the crowd and eventually break thru the rear of the mob. There is a line of soldiers to defend the mob from attack, but they are beaten and weary with little to no fight left in them.

The crossroads is made of 2 alleys with a large boulevard that splits into several directions further out. A set of elite guards will attempt to hold the side alleys while the heroes will take the main boulevard. The beaten worn out guards will hold back at the crossroads. The heroes move up but not past the choke point for where the boulevard opens up into different directions. Soon the sounds of the advancing enemy can be heard. Around the corners and down the lane, an enormous mob of skeletons, fresh dead, and old, advance down the street toward the heroes. The sheer numbers would overwhelm anyone else, but not the heroes.

Intial Wave

The heroes wait, and let them approach. They try to spread themselves out to cover the most space available across the breadth of the lane. Glespo lets off a Devastating blast among the enemy mob. Parts and guts fly everywhere, but the enemy quickly fills in the gap and keeps advancing.

Bulwark lets them gather around him, and then striking one, cause the ones around him to explode from the sound of thunder and lightning. Quiz, GunGun, Kriv, and Glespo do devastating damage as well, but quickly the heroes realize they can’t cover the entire boulevard. There are just too many of them. The undead continue to die at a horrific rate, but the sheer numbers means that a few get thru. The heroes pull back to catch the ones getting thru, but that just opens the lines even more.

Glespo Throws calls forth a wall of plants and thorns that covers almost the entire boulevard, and Bulwark moves to place himself in the only space not covered by them. Quiz caught on the wrong side of the wall, takes on the form of water and appears to move thru the wall to safety with little effort.

Bulwark using his abilities just sits in the gap absorbing damage but killing anything that attempts to push thru. GunGun using his spear throws it into the mob killing things here and there as well as Kriv blasting thru the gap that Bulwark is covering.

It appears to be a stalemate and the heroes hold. But soon sounds of fighting can be heard behind them. Quiz, and GunGun move back to find out what is happening, and see that the guards in the side alleys are being pushed back. There appear to be a much larger class of undead at the fore and with the horde of undead behind, appear to be wearing the guards down and pushing them back.

Quiz moves up to engage the Huge undead. GunGun moves in to engage the stuff that is attempting to leak past, while Kriv attempts to blast them from afar. Glespo is in the middle of the boulevard holding the plant wall up and getting shots off as he can.

Split Attack

The Giant undead looks at Bulwark, and suddenly Bulwark finds himself pulled back out of the gap, unplugging the hole in the defensive position. Bulwark immediately rushes back and kills what attempts to push thru. The mob sensing a opening push and charge at Bulwark, pushing him back from the gap, and try to rush around him. He kills a few but some get thru to surround Glespo. With Quiz holding the Giant undead and the others trying to kill the leakers, Glespo on his own can’t hold against the surrounding undead. He switches to bird form and flies to the roof tops overlooking the boulevard.

Unfortunately this lets the plant wall fall. Bulwark holding the gap once more is shocked when the wall goes down and the undead begin to pour down the boulevard. Bulwark falls back to the line of guards and attempts to bolster their resolve with yells and shouts of encouragement. Kriv teleports to the roof tops himself after seeing Glespo fly there. Glespo and Kriv continue to fire down into the street with whatever spells they have left to help as best they can.

Quiz is able to kill the Giant undead, and moves back to the guard line to help hold the line. Soon another Giant undead appears from the opposite alley, and Bulwark, GunGun, and Quiz do what they can to prevent a collapse of the guards and hold the line.

Eventually the Giant falls as well, but now the solid wall of undead are on top of them. They Cleave, Blast, Use the elements at their commands to kill as many undead as they can. The carnage soon begins to pile up at their feet.

Crashing Wave

The civilians are pushing, shoving, and trampling each other trying to get to the portal in the center of town. They are slowly moving away down the alley, but there are still so many trying to escape.

Glespo looking off into the distance can see nothing but smoke and fire in the city. He sees Blue Flashes appear from other parts of the city. Other members of Unit 10 most likely being recalled. He says nothing, not wanting to distract the others or give them a reason to give in to despair.

The heroes are getting worn down, and the damage is taking its toll. Quiz is the first to fall under the onslaught of the waves of undead. He disappears in a blue flash of light. GunGun looks relieved. He didn’t believe the recall bands would work and thought it was just bluff to make them feel better. But now the line is much harder to hold.

GunGun is the next to fall, another blue flash. Leaving only Bulwark left on the ground with the remaining guards. The guards are getting killed left and right. They were worn out, beaten, before the undead even engaged to begin with.

Kriv watching from above, thinking he’s safe, hears a crash from behind him and is quickly brought down by the waves of undead that came up thru the floor below. Another Blue Flash.

Bulwark alone with what remains of the guards, yells and screams encouragement, trying to bolster their spirits and rally them to hold as long as possible. The longer they hold the more civilians that live.

Bulwark is buried under the waves of death, and appears down, but suddenly spring back up knocking the undead away. He appears to have taken a second breath and fights on.

As another wave of undead gathers for a last push, Bulwark pulls out the old standard, looks to where Glespo stands on the roof tops, and yells ‘For the Glory of Tirren-a-namal!!” and is finally overwhelmed and falls under a pile of undead.

Glespo sees a final Blue Flash on the street. Looking at the undead starting to fill the streets killing the last of the guards and move toward the remaining crowds of civilians, turns away, transforms to a bird, and flies away…



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