Welcome to the world of Relna and arguably the most important place in that world – The kingdom of Allandaria.

Allandaria persists. For 10,000 years the kingdom (as the inhabitants call it) it has existed in one form or another. People call it the crux of the world – not just because it seems like it has always been and will always be, but its location – the only land route bridging east and west makes it the crossroads of the world. As well, its stability has drawn the headquarters binding institutions of the world – the heroes’ guild, the order of mages, and the merchants union, to its capital Gao. People believe that the gods or fate are somehow responsible for its stability – Allandaria acting as some type of counterweight to the chaos that seems to be the only other constant in the world. But those that lead Allandaria know better – stability comes from sacrifice, hard work, and singular focus on maintaining the kingdom.

Currently the kingdom is surrounded by chaos and instability. It wasn’t always this way – 1,000 years ago Allandaria was part of the Coalition of Twelve. Twelve kingdoms joined in the common cause of peace spanning east and west across the top of the Tranquil Sea. That peace was destroyed but not by anyone’s design, instead the actions of a few, far to the north and the west sowed the seeds of chaos that would bring down the Coalition and all but one of its members. In the west, the Tieflings made their pacts with the demons and began forging their empire. In the north the Dragonborn tribes began to unite to defend themselves from the goblins. Suddenly refugees from the earth shattering battles to the west fled east into the Coalition kingdoms bring chaos and instability. From the north out of the Jaws of the Earth Mountains hordes of goblins and other dark creatures descended on the eastern kingdoms driven out of their homelands by the Dragonborn. Chaos reigned and one by one the coalition member fell or fundamentally changed until all that remained was Allandaria. Now even those mighty empires west and north have crumbled and lawlessness and instability are the norm. The fight to maintain Allandaria becomes harder by the day. This is the world your heroes find themselves in.


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